5 Benefits of using SMS messaging through Agentcis CRM

SMS messaging is an effective way of broadcasting your business communications directly to your target customers. When you talk about agency business, it’s all about reaching your prospective students. No matter if they are busy in their study routines or casually spending time with friends and family, they are undoubtedly checking their phones. 

Even the data shows, 3.8 billion people own smartphones globally today. Similarly, as messages are instant, SMS has a 97% open rate compared to email marketing. On the top, the CTR (click-through rate) for messages is higher by 9.18% compared to any other digital channel. Contrary to what is believed, SMS messaging significantly requires less effort and cost as well, yet triggers the desired behaviour or action. With Agentcis’ CRM Software, SMS messaging is easier than ever before for your education and migration consultancy.

Agentcis has recently introduced a new feature to its CRM system, SMS messaging. This feature enables you to establish and manage communication with clients, partners, and agents within your system. So, here we present the five benefits of using SMS messaging through Agentcis CRM.

Benefits of using SMS messaging through Agentcis CRM Software

1. Direct & immediate delivery to clients 

Agentcis’ CRM system allows you to send messages directly to your prospects or clients through the system itself. With your database of phone numbers, you can start sending text messages mentioning your intended communication.  They will receive it immediately so that none of your messages is missed.

2. Higher engagement with clients

As the statistics show, the CTR (click-through rate) for messages is higher than any other digital channel. That means it can be a great tool for agencies trying to engage with their prospects. Additionally, it is quite easy for recipients to reply. So, if your prospective students have any such queries regarding your service, they can easily get back to you. 

3. Send bulk SMS 

Need to send the same SMS to multiple contacts? Now you can. Not only personalized messaging, but whenever you have some offers, announcements, or promotions going on, you can send SMS in bulk.

4. Centralised communication for the company 

It is necessary for an agency to ensure collaborative communication within all its channels and departments. The SMS messaging system integrated into the Agentcis’ CRM lets you keep a record of all the messages. With that, everything is tracked in CRM for easy access. 

5. SMS templates can save time 

With Agentcis’ CRM, you can create preset SMS templates or placeholders for personalized messages. These templates come in handy for quick SMS drafts saving your time drastically. On the top, it reduces the risks of human errors. Consequently, it increases the productivity of your team responsible for such tasks. 


SMS messaging is an effective and easy way to manage your communication with clients, partners, and agents. By incorporating this marketing move for your agency business, you can reach more prospective students at pretty much any time of the day.

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