5 Things You Can Automate With Agentcis for Education Agencies

The market today has changed and automation has become a part of our daily lives. Automation has offered many ways for businesses to foster growth efficiently and maintain better relationships. Customer relationship management (CRM) software like Agentcis is one of the tools that has made this possible and it is just getting better with time. Here, we present 5 things you can automate with Agentcis for Education Agencies.

Agentcis has recently introduced new and enhanced automation, including action-based or time-based triggers. While it may seem like setting up automation for triggers and actions is challenging, once you set up, you will save your time and money in the long run. It not only reduces human error and increases efficiency but also fosters personal relations with your prospects and clients.

Automation Rules: What’s a trigger, condition & action?

What’s a trigger? Triggers are what starts the processing of an automation rule. They are either action-based or time-based. Here, you can see we have different triggers related to contact, applications, Interested Services and others. 

A condition is an optional part of an automation rule and can filter results from the trigger. These filters are already present in your system, including your saved filters. For example, if you would like to send birthday wishes only to the clients of a particular Assignee, you can select the Assignee from the condition filter.

After the condition, you can add actions. Actions are the activities you would like to take to your trigger. In Agentcis, we have four actions, creating a task for users, sending an Email, sending an SMS and the Wait Delay. The wait delay needs to be added first in order for the action to work. 

5 Things You Can Automate with Agentcis for Education Agencies

1. Festival Greetings (On this day)

As you already know, establishing and building relationships with your clients is vital to the growth of your company. So, a festival greeting can be a great way to connect with your clients. For example, this could be a Merry Christmas or Happy New Years message. 

Using CRM software like Agentcis makes this process easier. Over the course of the season, you gain new clients as well as new leads. Festive greetings automation applies when the same date arrives, to send greetings to all your contacts. You can further use the ‘wait delay’ action to send the email or SMS at a certain time on the day. 

2. Automate your tasks in application stages 

Utilizing task automation in your Agentcis’ CRM can open up more opportunities to make the work process faster and smoother. You can automate your various tasks in the application stage to ensure the application is up to date and all important steps are completed on time. With Agentcis enhanced automation, you can improve processes in your workflows, as well as your productivity. 

For instance, if the application is on the offer letter stage in the application workflow, the automated task can be collecting the documents from the client. Through this, you can make counsellors more accountable and updated for their responsibility. 

3. Send an email and SMS to a student about upcoming payment 

The purpose of automation is to simplify repetitive tasks and remove redundancies. It also can be used as a reminder so that you won’t miss any important dates.

With Agentcis’ automation, you can send an email and SMS to a student to remind them of upcoming education payments. A friendly reminder mail on time allows the clients to pay their due on time so that you can also claim your commission on time. 

4. Send your client Happy Birthday!

Sending a greeting on a special day or on birthdays are small, yet significant actions that show your clients that you care. When you have a list of hundreds of clients, sending messages manually is out of the question. It comes with a huge loss of time and it’s an easy thing to forget. By automating “Happy Birthday” greetings to your clients reduces the possibility of your missing out wishing for some of your clients. 

5. Creating a new task for counsellors when Interested Services is added

Whenever a lead is converted into a prospect, you can automate to create a new task for your counsellor using Agentcis’ CRM. 

This automation is triggered when “Interested Services” is added. For instance, the task can be creating an appointment with the prospect based on the “interested Services” added. With this automation, you can nurture your prospect to become your client timely. Cool, right?

Are you ready to get started with automating? 

The new automation features on Agentcis’ CRM is more than what it seems. Incorporating these automation features, you can enhance performance, streamline workflows, nurture clients better and improve your company’s efficiency.

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