5 Tips on Making a Good First Impression as an Education Agent

Experts say that first impressions are formed within a matter of seconds. As an education and migration counsellor, the moment you approach your client, they will be creating a certain opinion about you and your service. What services you provide is a matter of secondary concern, but what primarily matters is how you approach and present it to your client. Your look, your way of speaking, your attitude, and your personal presentation will impact your client’s decision to go ahead with your services.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”- Will Rogers. 

The quote precisely showcases the fact how the first impressions can be impactful as they often set the tone for your client-agent relationship that follows. So, to help you out, we have enlisted some of the tips on making a good first impression. 

5 Tips on Making a Good First Impression as an Education Agent

1. Body Language 

One way to ensure a positive first impression is your body language. When you first appear to your client, they don’t know you. So, the only clue here for your client is your appearance. Dress in an appropriate manner to express yourself. It shows your client your dedication to maintaining professionalism and set boundaries between you and your client.

Your client is approaching you for education advice; thus, ensure you confidently represent yourself while counselling. An easy way to do this is by maintaining eye contact with your client. Active listening is important too. Combining these will make the person you are talking to feel listened to and welcomed.

2. Be Mindful of Word Choices

Words can have a greater impact than you can imagine. Choosing the right words is necessary to convey the right message to your client. Try and avoid filler words, such as ‘um’ and ‘hm’, which might make you sound unsure of your counselling. Instead, simply take a pause while you are thinking of what to say.

Words don’t necessarily have to be cheesy. You need to select your words in a way that your client understands what you want to deliver. Words set the tone of the message as well, helping to win the trust and gain credibility every time you communicate. Make sure to sound professional and try to avoid colloquial language.

3. Come Prepared 

Your preparation is one of the key elements that determine how confident you are. Nothing shoots you down faster than being underprepared for an initial appointment or meeting. Plan your meeting the way ahead and set your meeting on time. 

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4. Make a Connection

Choosing to approach your potential clients confidently, enthusiastically and with a positive attitude will help you make a healthy connection with your client. Be mindful of small things which we completely ignore. For example, using your mobile phone while consulting and not paying attention to the person speaking.

Avoid these things if you want to make a good connection. Make sure to be authentic. Your authenticity will build a rapport between you and your client. This good relationship will ultimately reflect in your conversion as well. 

5. Don’t Forget to Follow Up 

After your first interaction with your client, make sure to send a follow-up mail or message. The follow-up may include any important information, documents, or simply a note of gratitude. Such small gestures will have a lasting impact on your client.


Every successful client conversion begins with a good first impression. Taking time to improve your first impression and definitely have a long-term impact on your education business. Try these 5 ways of a good impression as an Education Agent and watch you build rapport and conversion.

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