About Agentcis Admin & Accounts Certification Course

Agentcis has come out with the new Admin & Accounts Certification courses. This course aims to help owners and managers of Education & Migration Agency business to effectively setup Agentcis system, smoothly onboard your teams globally & implement various Admin, Accounts & other operations within the system.

With Agenctis Certification Course, you can:

  • Discover Agentcis’ key features which will help you streamline business operations and how to create successful outcomes for your clients and partners. Click here to learn more about Agentcis and its features
  • Foster your growth through continuous learning about the International Education Sales Process.
  • Gain system expertise from the Agentcis course to help you get control over the system once you onboard in the system.
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Agentcis Admin Certification Course

Admin Certification Course on Agentcis is specially designed for the owners and managers in Admin role. Administration role is the backbone of any company and it is no different for an admin role in Agentcis system as well. The one in the admin role creates a foundation of management for a smooth workflow in the team and system. So, once you set up in the Agentcis system, you will need to create a workflow in the system. You will need to add partners and products, and manage users and assign roles. Besides, you will also need to set up general settings like time zone, managing phone numbers, bills subscription and whatnot. 

Thus, Admin Certification Course helps you unlock the admin features in Agentcis system. Also, it will implement a smooth workflow within the system.

Accounting Course

Agentcis Account Certification Course

Another significant aspect of any business is its finances. Agentcis Courses comes with the in-built features for generating invoices, creating group or partner invoices, scheduling payments and overall managing payments. All these features are created keeping in mind how the finances in an education and migration agency would function. The features allow you to manage the payment efficiently and not miss any payments. 

So, Agentcis Account Certification Course provides an in-depth understanding of these features. It will and help you optimally use the features to manage the payments. 

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