About Us

About Us

Let us tell you about us and our journey with Agentcis.

Agentcis is created, developed & distributed by


The Company & The Culture

IntroCept is primarily a concept development company committed to Introducing broad range of Concepts and Products that positively transform the way businesses are operated and conducted.

Our concepts and products serve from specific to broad business needs. We build applications for nichemarkets and keep improvising them until they become a standard for a particular industry.

Our passion for excellence is supported by a work culture that lets innovation and creativity flourish. We promote open work culture and collaborative work environment that frees our team members from hierarchical constraints.

We combine the rigor of creation with the thrill of continuous learning for professional enrichment. We have set aside weekly CPD to hone the leadership skills and analytical abilities of our team members. It has helped our employees to become thought leaders in their own right rather than be confined to one set of skills and expertise.

The Team


IntroCept brings together well-qualified & experienced IT engineers, Creative Designers,  Marketing experts and Accounting professionals who settle for nothing short of excellence in whatever they do.

The company is guided by visionary founders who had more than 10 years of experience in the field of Education and Migration consultancies, and are well-versed in all aspects of Agency business.

The Vision

Although we cherish freshness, our Vision and Values are as refined as that of any well-established company. We believe continuous learning and development is the base for a company to grow.




The Mission

To become a leading company shaping the future of enterprise software development.

The Concept

Making of Agentcis

Agentcis was conceived while the founders were running Education Consultancy and Migration Agency.

Although the founders started taking concrete steps for developing Agentcis, the company’s flagship product, from 2014, the idea had struck them much earlier.

In their two decades in the sectors, they always wondered why there wasn’t an appropriate software that could streamline Agency operations. So after hashing out details & requirements over several preliminary meetings, they set down to work with different industry experts, and created Agentcis, solutions to all the problems in Agency business.

Agentcis was born out of this synergy between insightful and experienced founders and qualified and dedicated professionals.

agentcis icon
“The Agentcis logo defines the perpetual relationship between the Agents, Partners and Clients.”

Agentcis as a future of Agency business

Agentcis is a next-generation client information management system that leaves ordinary CRM platforms miles behind. Built specifically for Education & Migration Agencies, the application has fabulous features and a highly user-friendly interface that is pleasing to the eye as well.

It is more than just a platform to feed and retrieve data. This feature-rich platform responds to your business/operational needs in hundreds of small ways.

An enterprise-ready platform, Agentcis combines all key features you need for full-fledged agency operations.

The application integrates all functions of Agency business, such as Counselling, Marketing, Accounts, Client Support, so intelligently that you don’t have to look beyond Agentcis while searching for a software to automate your Agency operations.

That’s all about how we came to be, who we are and what we do. As we grow and move further, we hope to continue this story of innovation and excellence together with our clients and partners.

IntroCept has more products in pipeline.

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