Acquisition of Customers Using Agentcis

Managing potential customers is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to running a successful business today. Digitising your business is one of the primary requirements in today’s era. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the education and migration business, if you want your company to grow, acquisition of customers is indispensable. This is where a system like Agentcis provides you with a one-stop solution for managing your agency business. 

Here are some ways how Agentcis can help you acquire your clients effectively.

Customisable Lead Forms

Agentcis provide you with a highly customisable webform for agents to reach out to their potential leads. This will optimise the process of acquisition of their customers. These web forms help agencies in reaching out to a far larger target audience compared to conventional paperwork.

Such lead forms can be generated from anywhere and have features to modify fields and use the lead form as per your requirements. A unique QR code for each form also allows you to share it on different social media platforms or download it to use on your business cards, banners, brochures, pamphlets, and so on.

Regularly Recording Office Check-Ins

Agentcis also serves you to record each client visit to your office with a timestamp. This lets your team to manage their client session with comments and notes directly in check-ins. It provides you with several benefits. You can inspect the time taken by counsellor per session to determine his/her performance and take necessary actions accordingly. Also, on the basis of attended time, you can measure your counsellor’s time taken to convert a lead or prospect.

Understand your customer requirements 

Online lead forms can help you understand what your leads or prospects are interested in. Also, Agentcis helps you convert them to the clients by sending them a quotation and adding few interested services. This way, you can follow up with interested services that minimize the customer turnover as the client is odds-on to apply for it. Just by looking into the contact profile, your team can understand the customer requirements, and sell the service accordingly. Once the client takes his final decision, you can begin with his final application.

Creating and Sending Quotations

Through Agentcis, you can send a structured quotation to your contacts from their interested services to assist them in determining the cost and affordability. You can easily prepare a quotation focusing on the client’s interested service, which guides him/her to make a decision and start an application from your agency. Also, you can save your time by creating a generic quotation template.

Unlimited Email Templates

You can get predefined email templates that increase your team’s efficiency and reduce human errors during the overall process. You can create, save, and use different email templates. This will help you to save time from creating new email content every time. Just add your client’s first name, last name, or client ID as placeholders in the email template, so it automatically gets the related data from the system to give more personalisation in the emails.


Agentcis has a lot to offer to manage all your clients, partners, sub-agents, and finances. Therefore, this will ultimately help you in the acquisition of your customers efficiently. In this highly competitive market, it’s always good to stay ahead of your rivals and have the best solution for your agency. Try Agentcis for free by signing up for a 14-days trial.

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