Applications that Help You Organize Your Workplace

It is a dream for every officer to have a precisely organized workplace. Not having to put an extra effort to find something when required is actually an experience. But it is not just an experience it is also about the efficiency that people receive from it. In today’s context, most of our work happens through digital devices.

From recording client information to scheduling meetings every action takes place through computers and related gadgets. When working with gadgets, it is way faster to store things and connect with everything. But a simple error can also lead to the loss or tampering of files. So today we have come across the list of applications that will help you organize your workplace.


Gmail is by far one of the most popular email delivery systems in the world. According to Finances Online, Gmail has 1.8 billion active users. This makes Gmail the most used email client in the world with a 27.8% market share. Gmail comes with other integrated services. Maybe it is the convenience and fast delivery system of Gmail and its related apps that make it so popular. Alongside its popularity, it helps all its customers to record and organize a different variety of data. Google Drive, Google Calander, Google Meet, and other complementary application helps people to store and manage all their daily activity. Actually, Gmail is the one-stop solution for workers to record their activities.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform. Companies around the world use Mailchimp to design and send automated emails to their clients. Sending a newsletter to numerous clients at once is tedious and Mailchimp does the job. So it directly helps any organization to design an email campaign. Also, it provides the users with the necessary information required for email marketing to organize your workplace.

3. Acquirity Online

Aquirity helps to organize and schedule meeting with necessary clients. What Acquity does is that it creates a calendar schedule that lets the clients keep the meeting schedule. Due to this feature, its users can replace phone tags with a real-time calendar schedule. Acquirity is mostly useful when your business has to deal with frequently communicating with clients.

4. Convert Kit

Just like Mailchimp, Convert Kit is a marketing automation platform. Convert Kit can pan various paths for multiple customer segments and let automation take over the job. Convertkit has an excellent support system and learning platform it makes it different. There are numerous classes by different coaches on the website itself that can help any officer organize their tasks.  This application is mostly useful for businesses selling digital products.

5. User.com

User.com is a popular platform to manage lead information. Companies use user.com to organize the data of people reaching your website and then convert them into a customer. It is very difficult to manage the contact details of all the people who viewed your product. So User.com is a platform to organize the details of your leads into customers. Alongside this it also lets its users create/schedule meeting calls, integrate a chatbot, and convert manual tasks into an automated workflow.

Besides these applications, there are numerous other software systems that will help you organize your workplace. Agentcis CRM also understands this need of the businesses. Due to this reason, Agentcis lets its client integrate its necessary apps into its system. If you want to make your education agency business efficient then take a tour of Agentcis.


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