Benefits of Efficiently Tracking Office Check-In

Tracking any office check-in can be really critical for your education and migration agency business. Some are the new leads signing in to know about your service, some are already taking your service and are following up for further procedures. However, the visitors are often signed in using pen and paper, which is obviously not so efficient. When a new lead comes in, you have to manually keep track and update the client information. This can be tedious work. Hence, you should invest in a CRM system like Agentcis which can help you efficiently track your visitors’ office check-ins.

You can have a lot of benefits to your education and migration business through efficient tracking of office check-in. However, let’s go through the step-by-step process of how the system works and you will get to know what benefits it offers. Here we go!

1. Record your lead details directly in the system

Whenever a new lead visits your office, the person at your front desk will get the leads to fill in the office check-in lead form. This way, the system will automatically record the details of the visitor which was otherwise in the paper document.

2. Add Office Check-in and assign directly

After the lead form is filled, you can add office check-in to assign the lead to a counselor. You can mention the purpose of the visit.

3. View the Visitors’ List at a glance

The system displays the “Waiting, Attending, Completed” list which lets you know how many clients are in the waiting list, who are attending the counseling session, and who have completed the sessions. 

4. Measure performance and conversion time 

The system will allow you to inspect the time taken by the counselor per session by wait time or attend time. This will help you determine their performance and take necessary actions accordingly. Also, on the basis of attended time, determine your counselor’s time taken to convert a lead or prospect.

5. Keep track of the visitors 

When the visitors are recorded in the system, you can be informed of how many times your lead, prospect, or client has visited your office and know what was discussed in the meeting within a second.

6. Improve your efficiency

When you have the record of the office check-in data, you can improve the efficiency of office visits by knowing the waiting time. The less wait time, the more satisfied your customer will be. The satisfied customer will bring in more business to your company. 

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