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Education and Migration Agencies are in a stage of growth since international studies and travel abroad are booming. In no time are these businesses opening up branches in different parts of the world to utilize this opportunity. But, little do they know that operating multiple offices without a proper system to manage and supervise activities can be a risky step. That’s where the best crm software comes in.

With a lot of branch offices, the owner slowly loses awareness about how things are being done. Without proper supervision, things go out of hand and no matter how good the business had initially started out, it fails.

But, Technology sure has solutions to almost every problem. And if not, its under way. Where businesses nowadays use robots and AI to ease their operations, you shouldn’t be behind when it comes to improving your work process. A simple system that is updated, user friendly, portable and is worth the investment, Agentcis is the best crm software for your business that’s destined for growth.

Let’s look at how the system benefits your business.

1. One system For All

Unlike other systems where each branch office needs to get different systems, Agentcis can be used by everyone who has access to it.This way using the system will be cost-effective for the business and the same resource can be shared by everyone in the company. It’s the best crm software there is.

2. Customize Roles and Access

Surely not everyone will and should get access to what the owners have access to. Also, there surely are other roles that people in the agency play. So, the access to the system can be customized according to their roles. For example, the owner has access to everything and he/she can assign different roles to people inside the system depending on their work positions.

3. Individual Performance Monitoring

It might be a challenge or even impossible to track each of your agent’s performance, especially when you have branches both inside and outside the country. This makes it hard for the owner to monitor and supervise each and everyone’s activities and performance. But, with Agentcis, you can simply add all your branch offices and assign roles based on their work. Since each and everything is updated in the system itself, you can easily check who is performing and who isn’t.

4. Track Tasks and Activities

It’s highly unlikely that all your agents will be in the same stage of the process with so many clients. So, you need to ask each one of them where they’re stuck in or what’s taking their time. Hectic, right? That’s exactly where Agentcis becomes your solution as best crm software With access to everyone’s activities, you can easily find out all these information with a click.

Moreover, you won’t even have to click on a particular agent’s tasks to find it out. You can simply check the Dashboard and know everything from number of clients handled by each user, in progress clients by workflow and so on. Furthermore, you can even choose the branch you want to track activities of.

5. Synchronized Activities in All Branches

Since your agency has a lot of branches spread over different geographical locations, so will be your clients. If someone in Delhi wants to start their application to study in Australia then you can assign that client to your branch in Delhi while your main office is in Pune. Also, if that client moves to Bangalore before his application has been completed then, the task can be reassigned to the branch in Bangalore. All of this can be done without any hassle since every step of the process is recorded in the system.

6. Zero Location Constraints

Gone are the days when you had to worry about going to different places to check on your branch offices. All you have to do is log into Agentcis and everything you want to know will be right there. From application stages to lead information to invoices to everything that’s related to your business will be available to you. Apart from few phone calls, you won’t have to do anything else to know the status of all your branches.

7. Get Business Overview

One of the best features of Agentcis is that you can get a snapshot of how your business is performing. It includes everything from the number of clients your business is handling to the workflow progress and invoicing. Moreover, you can even select a particular branch and check the same. So, you can even know which one is doing better.

Imagine how easy it’d be if you could monitor activities of all your branch offices staying in the same place? You’ll save a lot of time and even ensure that they’re well performed, right? Well, Agentcis has all that features so get yourself the best crm software right away.

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