Get Financial Control in Your Hands With Agentcis

Sep 10, 2018
financial control

Staying organized and updated are the keys of successful agents. Especially, for education and migration agents with piles of work lying ahead of them. These could be submitting VISA application to dealing with numerous leads to managing multiple offices. And, in the process of getting the work done, often times the finances get mixed up […]

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How Agentcis Assists You in Client Application Management

client application

An application is generally an active workflow that lets the users know everything related to the client. A client application includes essential things like the stage he/she is in, related documents, financial overview, the product and partner involved, upcoming tasks, referrers and so on. Moreover, agents can use this feature to stay updated about their […]

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Manage Your Growing Business With The Best CRM Software

Aug 28, 2018
best crm software

Education and Migration Agencies are in a stage of growth since international studies and travel abroad are booming. In no time are these businesses opening up branches in different parts of the world to utilize this opportunity. But, little do they know that operating multiple offices without a proper system to manage and supervise activities […]

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10 Things Agents Should Consider For Good Education Portals

Education portals

Education Portals is a new way of disseminating information for any type of institutions. Yes, any type of institutions and not just schools and universities. Although this trend hasn’t been widespread yet, having Education Portals nevertheless is an excellent source of digital marketing for companies mostly in the education sector. Let’s find out how. “According […]

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The best solution for your education & migration agency

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