Student Consultancy: Five Must-Have Marketing & Management Tools

Apr 26, 2017
student consultancy

Since onset of the internet, the way we perceive and use management and marketing has taken a whole new turn. The digital age is providing so many management tools that help your business scale-up, as well as improve work processes. Moreover, unlike in the past, technology makes every little detail measurable. These days, we have access to software, applications, and digital media that can help business processes tremendously. Whether it is to enhance your agency workflow, manage clients efficiently or generate leads from social media, technological innovations can do the trick.

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Use Mission, Vision and Core Values For Migration Advisor Services Success

Apr 19, 2017
migration advisor

The kind of work environment you create, in terms of the office ambience and values, becomes your agency’s culture. It is a powerful element that shapes your work relationships and work processes. So, how can you define agency core values and shape your work culture? Start by writing down your agency’s mission, vision, and value statements. These statements should convey the purpose, direction, and driving forces of your education or migration agency. They will help inspire the team, convince clients about opting for your services, and build the work culture.

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Powerful Ways to Build Your Visa Application Agency PR Strategy

Apr 17, 2017
Visa Application Agency

Public Relation (PR) is essentially the art of managing how information about individuals or companies is shared with the public. However, sharing information in a positive light should not be misunderstood as a tool for making false claims or misleading statements. Today, a PR professional is your agency’s public face. From sending out press releases and building relations with potential investors to organizing community outreach and volunteer programs, their work has become important to people and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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Financial Mistake Every Immigration Consultant Services Provider Must Avoid.

Apr 10, 2017
immigration consultant services

Financial planning should never be an afterthought! It must be an essential part of your business plan and strategy. Moreover, it will help you determine your short-term and long-term goals, as well as keep the business on track. Constantly worrying about your agency’s financial health is a clear sign of imminent failure. Common mistakes can cost your agency a lot of money. So, why wait so long to fix it?

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Immigration Companies To Develop Business Value Proposition That Converts

immigration companies

With so many businesses vying for the same market, it has become imperative to differentiate yourself from the competition. Everyone’s services seem to be more or less the same. So, how can you set your agency apart and well enough for clients to notice with a value proposition? A value proposition is one of the key ways to get their attention. The proposition is a promise by your agency to the clients, giving them a good reason why they should purchase your services. It talks about the benefits as well as how your services will resolve their issues.

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Seven benefits of Managing International Leads Recruitment using Education Agent CRM

Mar 13, 2017
international leads

Education agents and agencies are generally the first point of contact for most international students. To be successful, they must be efficient and effective throughout the student recruitment lifecycle – from lead generation and marketing to acceptance and registration. Thus, it is essential for you to make a great impression as well as manage the student recruitment process. Your education agency must consider the changing needs of today’s students. This is where technology can assist you efficiently, and a good example here is Education Agent CRM.

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Immigration Agencies: Agency System To Manage Partners & Products

Immigration agencies

Most agencies find it difficult to match partners with products or files and retrieve information in spreadsheets. Other issues include tracking emails and conversations or dealing with incomplete client details, which can delay commission payments from your agency partners. Besides the speed, efficient management of agency partners and their products is a great way to represent your business in the industry. Moreover, it improves the relationship with clients and attracts prospects. It will also increase your referrals and partner base.

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