Handle Lead’s Queries Instantly for Education and Migration Agency

Sep 11, 2018
migration agency

Education and migration agency is a breakneck pace business sector. The timely and prompt response can be an agency’s most significant competitive advantage over its competitors. So, Agentcis, a web-based application helps agencies to convert leads into clients by impressing them with instant response. The quotations feature that this application provides agencies to create and […]

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How Global Consultancy Can Acquire Leads From Webform


Technology has made life simpler for everyone. Mostly for education and migration agencies, there are no limits. With the advancement of mobile and internet technologies, people today spend most of their time online. It’s where your leads are most present too. To acquire them, Agentcis gives you webform. Let’s find out more about it here. […]

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International Education Agency: Deliver Excellent Service to Clients Every-time

international education agency

More often than not, agents are underappreciated by their clients. They are usually accused of either not meeting client’s service expectations or are blamed for overcharging. Even though some things are totally out of their control, they are held responsible. Whereas, the effort that agents put in are easily forgotten.

So, in this highly competitive market, agents can distinguish their service from the rest with these tried and tested methods. Simply implement these steps in order to provide excellent service to clients.

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Five Major International Students Problems You Should Know About

international students problems

Students face numerous social and academic problems whilst studying abroad. If these issues are not dealt with in time, their experience will most certainly be unpleasant. Such are the causes of international students dropping out of universities and colleges. Find out what challenges do international students face whilst studying abroad. And discover methods to help them cope with such issues.

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Client Acquisition Strategy For A Startup Immigration Services Company

Apr 12, 2017
immigration services company

There is no doubt that client acquisition is vital for your business! However, is it enough? Let us assume your agency gets a few dozen or even hundreds of new clients tomorrow. That is great news, but is your agency ready to handle it? As a start-up agency, you may have limited financial resources and contacts, but there are a number of things you can do to boost your business.

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