Common Misconceptions About Abroad Studies That The Student Agent Must Know

Dec 18, 2017
Student agent

Students tend to have a lot of misconceptions about foreign studies before leaving for abroad. These include having wrong understanding about language, course options, employment and so on. Because of this, students face many problems once they start living abroad. As an educational agent, it is your duty to address these in an effective way. Doing so, you will be able to deliver an excellent service to your clients and meet their expectations.

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Effective Workplace Communication in your Immigration Centers

immigration centers

Most companies face communication problems with their employees. The main reasons for this are the strict hierarchy, closed workplace environment and lack of face-to-face meetings. In order to reduce this problem, a company needs to have an effective workplace communication. This can be done by gaining the trust of the employees through informal conversations, providing feedback, engaging in team-building exercises, avoiding written communication errors and keeping the workflow transparent.

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Role Of Sub-agents In International Overseas Consultancy

Nov 27, 2017
study abroad education consultants

Who are sub-agents? Sub-agent can be an individual or organization who refers the student to other education consultancies on a commission basis for processing. All their activities are based on networking. Thus, it is very crucial to maintain study abroad education consultants for any education consultancy. What is the role of sub-agents? What are the benefits […]

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