International Education Consultants: Leading Through Time Management

Aug 30, 2017
international education consultants

If it is 24 hours a day everyone on Earth has, how come some agents get almost twice as much work done than your Average Joe? Well, the answer lies in how you manage time. Time management can be a highly misunderstood phenomenon. It is not a single skill but a collection of multiple traits developed through practice. Discover the most effective strategies to manage time efficiently and increase your performance exponentially.

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Invoice And Commission Tracking Of Study Abroad Consultancies- Agentcis

Aug 23, 2017
commission tracking

Commission and Invoice Tracking is probably one of the most tedious tasks for an education and migration agent. All the scattered files and paperwork make it near impossible to sort through each invoice and verify commissions. However, using automation to streamline and manage all agency data will definitely help you get your financials in track.
Here’s how an agency management platform like Agentcis can help you keep track of all your commission & invoices and maintain a strong monetary base.

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International Education Agency: Deliver Excellent Service to Clients Every-time

international education agency

More often than not, agents are underappreciated by their clients. They are usually accused of either not meeting client’s service expectations or are blamed for overcharging. Even though some things are totally out of their control, they are held responsible. Whereas, the effort that agents put in are easily forgotten.

So, in this highly competitive market, agents can distinguish their service from the rest with these tried and tested methods. Simply implement these steps in order to provide excellent service to clients.

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What It Takes To Become The Best Consultant In Education

Jul 12, 2017
consultant in education

Client feedback is one of the most important tools agencies can use to improve their service performance. It is essential for the longevity of any business and can help agents accomplish more. Using multiple communication channels, learn how to connect with clients best. Understand exactly what clients expect from your agency, become a prominent service provider in your industry.

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Five Major International Students Problems You Should Know About

international students problems

Students face numerous social and academic problems whilst studying abroad. If these issues are not dealt with in time, their experience will most certainly be unpleasant. Such are the causes of international students dropping out of universities and colleges. Find out what challenges do international students face whilst studying abroad. And discover methods to help them cope with such issues.

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Consultant For Abroad Studies, Use Social Media Marketing to Acquire Clients

Jun 21, 2017
Consultant For Abroad Studies

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social networking websites as a platform. The goal is to produce content that clients will share with their friends, family or peers, thus helping your agency increase and establish brand exposure. The popularity of sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube continues to rise. This trend is seen not just among the younger generation but the older ones are also getting used to it! Here are five powerful ways of using social media marketing to attract and acquire clients for your agency:

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Nurturing Business Relationship is Essential For Study Abroad Consultants

Jun 14, 2017
Study Abroad Consultants

Building business relationship may sound easy, and surely every agency has multiple partners. But have you ever wondered if people actually care to nurture these partnerships? Mutual understanding is the basis for any business relation. However, it may not be enough to maintain an interpersonal relation with your partners. Find out how to strengthen business relationships and what are the advantages of building a strong connection with your partners.

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