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An education or migration agency that has limits to what it can achieve will never grow. So, your agency should have unlimited opportunities in order to perform the best it can and succeed. It can be made easy if you track client journey.

With that belief, Agentcis provides you the feature of unlimited workflows.

All businesses have key processes that in whole deliver the complete service of their agency. This is also known as the client journey. As such, workflows are the services or packages that you provide. For example, workflows for an education agency could be Canada Study, Australia Study or U.S. Study. So, inside these workflows, there will be a list of processes or stages that a student has to go through before starting to study abroad.


With the help of these well-defined stages under your workflows, you’ll be able to properly guide and process any student’s study abroad dreams. Since, some of you might be providing other services too, multiple workflows help in guiding you throughout the process. Without this, you’ll have confusions along the way and might even get stuck somewhere in those stages.


Keeping in mind all of these, Agentcis provides the best solution to education and migration agents. As it is designed to help your agency grow, it makes sure that its features complement your agency’s growth. With unlimited workflows, you can add as much services as you can offer to your clients. Since, all of your services aren’t the same and so won’t be their processes. We do hope that you have a lot of them in order to fully utilize this feature. And if you don’t then with Agentcis, you’ll find it hard not to expand your operations with efficiency at hand.


Furthermore, you can even add, edit or delete the stages inside the workflow. Although, two stages will be default or required to start any workflow, you can add maximum 20 to complete it. We’re sure that all your stages will be completed under the 20 mark since it has been designed after rigorous research with experienced education and migration agents.

Also, since the policies and processes are dynamic, so will be your workflow stages. That is why you have the option to delete or add stages in the same workflow. Furthermore, you can also drag and drop those stages inside the workflow to customize the client journey.


You also have the option to set both starting date and ending date for each stages. Doing so will keep things organized and you will be able to keep track of client journey without missing anything. A lot of times, agents tend to forget some important deadlines while shadowed under loads of other dates. But, with Agentcis’ brilliant feature, you will be on time for everything. All you have to do is check the system daily for few minutes.

Under control

There could also be situations where you want to pause a stage before another is passed. For example, it’s really important to get the partner university’s id in the case of educational consultancy for commission purpose. But, some agents might choose to skip this stage. But, as the owner, you can make it mandatory to fill those details before moving to another stage. To do this, you have the choice to disable any stage before the previous one is completed. Doing this will keep your agency under your control.

For a migration agent, the stages could be to fill the application, check or correct it, submit to government office, pay the fees, and so on. So, before submitting the application, you must check the application which could’ve been filled by the client or the agent themselves. So you can disable the stage of submission before checking has been completed. This way you’ll know where you are in the stage and what needs to be done. This will erase any confusions that you might have since you’re busy handling a lot of the applications.

The main goal of Agentcis is to be the best business assistant for education and migration agents. Furthermore, it has more features than tracking client journey that will help your agency achieve efficiency manage and manage growth. All it takes for you to do is use it effectively and get returns on your investment. 

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