Community Workshop: Automation

Are you ready to get started with automating? 

The goal of automation is to help you save time, increase customer satisfaction, and grow your business. Watch now to unpack how to automate key processes, such as:

Building Stronger Relationship With Students

Personalized messages through email automation can make a huge difference in student recruitment and retention.

Learn how to send out automated emails at the right time at the right frequency, based on the interests of each student.

Sending Friendly Reminders To Clients

Reminders are an essential part of the customer service process.

Automated SMS is a great way for businesses to send short and quick messages to clients and remind them of changes in their application status or follow up with a payment reminder.

Creating Tasks For Education Counsellors

Utilizing task automation can open up more opportunities to make the work process faster and smoother.

You can automate various tasks for your education counsellors in the application stage to ensure the application is up to date and all important steps are completed on time.

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