Community Workshop: Branch & Staff Management

Are you ready to get started with effectively managing different branches and staff members of your education & migration agency?

Managing your offices and counsellors can help you track your business growth and annual productivity.

Manage different branches of your education & migration agency

While you expand your business, Agentcis can help you add different offices and effectively manage them.

You can monitor the performance of different branches, sitting anywhere in the world. In this way, you get an overall command over your business.

Assign staff members to different offices with customised user roles

You can assign different leads and clients to staff members across the globe.

The roles and permissions of the staff members can be defined as per your business requirements. You can decide what your counsellors or managers can access on the system.

Customise workflows, lead forms & reports for different branches

You can create customisable workflows and lead forms for different branches.

Using Agentcis CRM, you can also generate monthly and annual reports for various offices to define yearly business growth strategies.

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