Community Workshop: Client Management

Are you ready to manage all the client information on Agentcis?

Managing your clients on Agentcis can help you better handle your client data, track their follow-ups and update their daily activities.

Effectively monitor different stages of a client journey

You can efficiently monitor the students’ journey on Agentcis; irrespective of whether they are a lead, a prospect or a client.

Our system will provide you with customisable lead forms, assign them to your counsellors and convert them into prospects, and finally turning them into your potential clients by starting their applications.

Keep regular track of your communication with the clients

It’s very hard for you to keep a track of what communication you had with your clients or what documents they have submitted you or when the next appointment with the client is.

Agentcis has made it easy for you through features such as appointment scheduling, task management, office check-in portal, client portal and much more.

Manage all kinds of client information at 1 place

You can handle all kinds of client information at a single place. This can simply be a conversation note or their contact details or any of the client documents.

Using Agentcis, you can create email and SMS templates. This will also help you to create automated emails and SMS for your clients.

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