Community Workshop: Document Checklist and Client Portal


Streamline your client’s application process with Agentcis Document checklist

Join us on the next community workshop to learn how you can get most of Agentcis Document checklist and client portal.

The client application process is often tedious and requires multiple documents from your clients. Remembering all the documents needed at each stage of the workflow can be challenging. Introducing Document checklist and client portal will help you with:

Document Checklist

Be prepared with Agentcis Document Checklist.. This feature enables you to easily view all the documents needed during the different stages of an application.

Client Portal for managing documents

Integrated with the Document Checklist, clients can upload documents from their device through the client portal – making it easy to access in the Agentcis System.

Automated email reminder

You can send an automated email reminder to your client, notifying them when to upload the required documents in the client portal. 

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