Community Workshop – Running Advanced Automation


Join us on the next community workshop to learn how you can run advanced automation with Agentcis.

Using Agentcis Automation, you can receive automation email reminders for upcoming due invoices, visa expiry dates, new leads, send sms reminders, streamline the application process and much more.

Receive automated email reminders

Get automated email notifications to remind you of upcoming due invoices, new leads, visa expiry dates, task deadlines, and many more.

Automation made for Education and Migration Agents

Because Agentcis is made for Education Agents, we have created smart automation to suit your specific business process. Save time and money with date-based and action-based automation – for example, sending an SMS reminder to students when payment instalment is due.

Streamline the application process

Streamline the student journey process by automating various triggers in the application stages, such as creating a list of task for counsellors when the student reaches the offer letter stage in their application. Informing students regularly of their application status will improve your company’s credibility.


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