Community Workshop: Task Management

Are you ready to manage your tasks efficiently? 

Managing your tasks as an education and migration agent can be a big hassle without an efficient CRM. Join our workshop to explore more on:

Track progress of your work

You can stay updated about every client and what is happening within the company and make tasks accordingly.

Be it an enrolment date or deadline for sending an invoice; you can create tasks easily with Agentcis. Select the task category, such as reminder, appointment or follow-up, to stay organised.

Assign tasks to different team members

Efficient division of work has a significant impact on completing a project successfully.

With a task management system, you can identify the tasks you want to delegate. Find the right person to assign the task based on your teams’ strengths.

Prioritising based on Task Importance

It is vital to plan and prioritise your work effectively in order to make the most of your time and effort. Prioritisation is a key to efficient work management.

By using Agentcis’ task prioritising system, you can determine which tasks require immediate attention based on their importance.

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