5 questions to ask your client while course advising

Apr 30, 2021
questions to ask clients in course advising


If you’re looking for relevant questions to ask your clients before course advising, we’ve got you covered.

A good relationship between an educational advisor and a client or student is crucial. Also, it’s a big responsibility for an advisor to maintain good terms with the clients. The way you approach the clients can have a great impact on delivering smooth and fruitful career advice. 

What are your client’s expectations?

The foundation of overseas planning starts with gathering client information to analyze a client’s situation and provide recommendations to help them accomplish their goals. Unless an educational consultant advisor fully understands a client’s expectations, they can’t create an effective educational plan. So, if you are in the migration business, consider these questions to ask your clients before advising career courses.

Questions to ask your clients

1. What is your client’s background? 

This is the basic question to ask a prospect as soon as he/she approaches. But the answers can reveal a lot. Ask your client for their resume, so you can explore their education qualification, skills, and experience. Also, it’s the first step in knowing them.

2. What are their strengths and career goals? 

As an advisor, you need to make sure that your advice would match with your client’s career goals. For that, you need to know their interest and their educational background. Also, it is more effective to know their end goal abroad. That is to say, you need to know if they are willing to stay abroad just for the studies or for the permanent residency. This will help you to modify your plans to meet theirs accordingly.

3. What’s their budget? 

Education overseas is a huge investment. Before raising the bars of expectations to your client, know their budget. This question is important to know who is financing them. Whether they are willing to pay their fees by themselves or will be supported by their family. This will help you to choose a suitable course and location for them.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand if the student intends to work along their journey to pay the course and expenses in order to advise a country that enable the student to do it.

4. What’s their timeline? 

If there are any specific enrolment dates that the student is preferring, ask them at the beginning. Also, inform them about the start date and visa expiry date. 

It’s important to understand the student’s objectives and if he/she intends to stay longer in the country to better advise them to choose the correct path he/she can follow.

5. What are your preferred locations?

Know the preference of the students in terms of where they want to stay. This will determine their university as well as their staying location. Also, you can estimate their cost and affordability based on the location i.e. onshore & offshore. Similarly, you can suggest accommodation options accordingly. 


The more you know about your client beforehand, the better advice you can suggest to them. So, make sure to approach them well with the right questions.

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