Benefits of Integrated Client Management & Invoicing


Integrated systems offer countless benefits. Devices that combine hundreds of tools and applications and integrate host of functions and services, ensure better accessibility and help us accomplish more tasks in a short time.

Agentcis also takes the integration factor very seriously.

For example, the platform combines client information management and invoicing functions so well that you’ll start seeing and appreciating benefits that you never knew existed.

To begin with, it eliminates the need to buy and use two different applications: one for handling client information and other for managing invoices.

The “Invoices” section under “Accounts” is so simple that your employees need not have any training in accounting to update, manage and understand the invoicing process.

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Which means when your clients and partners ask questions related to payables and receivables, your counselors don’t have to make them wait until they consult the accounts people, or put them on hold to be transferred to the accounts department.

The integrated system also highly reduces the chances of wrong invoicing, over invoicing, and under invoicing. That’s because the “Clients” profile section and “Accounts” section is well synced, allowing you to easily cross check every financial transaction that takes place within a service cycle of a particular client.

You might pay for a student’s accommodations, insurance or taxi fare for the first time after they arrive in destination countries. In such cases, you have an option to create separate invoice for service you provide to your clients.

The invoice section also gives you the flexibility to add items, the fields you can use to fulfill certain invoicing requirements of your partner institutions.

To put it simply: All Agents would like to have a clear picture at all times about where the money is coming from and where it is going.

As Agentcis comes with well integrated client management and invoice management tools, Agents can figure out those details in a flash.