Commission and Invoice Tracking for Best Study Abroad Companies

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Study abroad companies understand the pressure of tracking all their agency financials manually. So, they are prone to avoid the stress of dealing with hundreds of invoices at once. Agents push these important tasks for later days. And before you know it, your financials have slipped through the cracks. This is why commission and invoice tracking can be a life saver and the best study abroad companies have already incorporated it in the company.

Timely invoice follow-ups and commission claims are the lifeblood of any agency. If you wish to be among the best study abroad companies, maintain professionalism with your clients, partners, and sub-agents, you must always be punctual with these tasks. Negligence can definitely cause disruption in much-needed cash-flow, eventually causing a financial meltdown.

“Money is a big part of your life, and when you learn how to get your finances under control, all areas of your life will soar.” – T. Harv Eker

The ability of effective commission and invoice tracking dictates the success of your business. However, your agency’s data tends to get scattered along the way. Even if you are keeping digital copies of everything, connecting your Clients’ and Partners’ database to your financials can be exhausting. Besides, using multiple platforms to provide a single service process will hamper your overall efficiency and productivity. But don’t panic just yet! Innovation and modern ideas will provide a solution.

Numerous researches show that most efficient and best study abroad companies are quick to adapt to change. Hence, they utilize the latest tools that help them overcome such conventional issues. One of these highly effective tools is a Client Relationship Management platform (CRM) that includes a proper Commission and Invoice Tracking solution.

For any agency willing to commit to change and evolution, a CRM can work wonders. Especially if it is tailored to cater the needs of education or migration agency. These days, software and tools are abundant; if you are looking for one. However, Agentcis is one of the most reliable migration and education agency management system that are available online for commission and invoice tracking. This is because we understand exactly what it’s like for an agent to process hundreds of invoices at once. Choosing Agentcis will set you apart and will ensure you are on the right path to be one of the best study abroad companies.

The fatigue of a hectic and overtime schedule as invoicing day closes in is frustrating to most. On top of that, if you are dealing with sub-agents, things tend to get very confusing. Hence, Agentcis commission and invoice tracking system addresses these issues through automation and data management.

Made specifically for education and migration agencies, Agentcis provides a powerful business management platform that integrates all agency data and its financials. Making it much simpler to keep track of all your Invoices and Commissions, respective to your Clients and Partners. It also eliminates the need to invest in multiple management software, as you can schedule, create and email these invoices directly from Agentcis. With the use of Agentcis, you can envision yourself amongst the best study abroad companies.

Here’s how Agentcis can further simplify Invoicing and Commission Tracking:

Invoice Tracking:

Most agents consider providing clients with their desired service easy. It is invoicing all of them, that give agents sleepless nights. In average, an agent may take anywhere between 10-15 minutes to meticulously process each invoice manually. And most of this time is occupied by connecting the dots & collecting scattered data and paperwork. Whereas, Agentcis does it for you automatically. The system streamlines all your agency data and connects them to your invoices.

Using an agency management software reduces workload significantly. The platform bridges clients and invoices to their respective partner and their products. Predefined commission and tax rate assists you to automatically calculate and set invoices for clients and partners. Hence, saving time remarkably and increasing efficiency. Moreover, our accounts sections do not require the agent to attend any special accounting training. One onboarding session, and that’s all the user requires to handle Agentcis Accounts and Invoicing.

Now, let’s move forward to Invoicing solutions and features that you can experience with Agentcis.

Create Custom Invoices

Agentcis Invoicing functionalities allow the user to create custom invoices for Clients, Partners or Sub-Agents. These invoices are classified as ‘General Invoice’ and ‘Commission Invoice’. So, you can create a General Invoice either for Clients or for Partners. Though General Invoices are used for Clients, you can even bill them to your Partners for miscellaneous charges other than commission claims. Whereas, whilst creating a Commission claim Invoice, you can either create a ‘Net Invoice’ or a ‘Gross Invoice’ depending upon your agreement with your partners. These various invoice types allow agents the flexibility to bill different kinds of receivable payments with ease.

Set Due Dates

Agents usually have difficulty keeping track of all invoices. With hundreds of clients and partners to follow through with, memorizing each and every due date is quite impossible. This is why Agentcis provides agents with the option of setting due dates for each invoice.You can set these due dates from Clients Profile or Accounts section. You can also sort and view these invoices in three different stages of the Clients’ or Partners’ payment process. Finally, once payment is made, the user can set the Invoice as ‘Paid’. It is also possible to track partially paid invoices, as total amount to be paid and amount due is clearly stated in the Unpaid Invoice section.

Get Notifications and Reminders

The practicality of an invoicing platform is incomplete without a notification system. Afterall, anyone needs timely reminders if they are dealing with hundreds of invoices even the Best study abroad companies. Hence, Agentcis has an inbuilt notification and reminder system. You will receive email notifications once due dates are near. The system highlights the Invoices in red if it exceeds the due date. You can see the total number of days any Unpaid Invoice has been in-queue.

In addition to this, you can easily personalize system email notifications. You can add the number of days before which you want to receive a notification, and you will receive notifications accordingly. Agentcis’ Invoice notification system is optimized to help agents using this platform to never miss an Invoicing date. Commission and invoice tracking have never been easier.

Email Invoices

With an integrated platform where client profiles are linked to their respective invoices and financial details, an inbuilt emailing is icing on the cake. Not having to switch between two platforms to manage invoices and email them can save a whole lot of time for busy agents. Therefore, an inbuilt invoice emailing system increases the overall efficiency and productivity.

Commission Tracking:

Education and migration agents deserve every cent of the commission they receive. A lot of unseen hard work goes into processing individual clients and fulfilling their desires. However, as clients’ and partners’ database grow, commission and invoice tracking become an even more tedious task. It is not uncommon for busy agents to lose their financials due to missed collection deadlines. Especially if a big payments are in line, agents tend to forget the smaller paychecks. This is why tracking each and every commission is vital to agencies.

With all factors considered, Agentcis provides a platform where agents can easily keep track of their commissions. Here’s how:

Invoice & Commission Reports

An inbuilt invoice reporting system helps any agent track all invoices and commission easily. All details about the invoice are displayed in a tabular form, including its statuses (ie, whether it is paid or unpaid), due dates, due amount and much more. Agents can even sort their invoices in accordance to the ascending or descending field-order. Though, what’s really cool is that these invoices can also be filtered by the agents using Agentcis platform to manage their agency. Hence, the information is always right before your eyes for easy commission and invoice tracking.

Manage Sub-Agent Commissions

Commission tracking is most hectic if you are dealing with sub-agents. Agents that are not used to dealing with sub-agents are easily confused with multiple invoices and their collection process. Only the trained eyes of an experienced agent can deal with sub-agent invoices without making mistakes. However, it takes a lot of time to deal with, even for veterans of the business. This is why Agentcis provides a whole section dedicated to Sub-Agents. Through this section, you can monitor each Sub-Agent transaction manually. This allows the agency to never lose track of their sub-agents and commissions. You will be set on the pathway to be one of the best study abroad companies in the industry.

Monitor Multiple Office Finances

Keeping track of a single agency’s financials is a nightmare for most. Now, imagine having to look after multiple branch offices and following through with all their commissions. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Well, it may not be so. With Agentcis, you can easily monitor all of your branch offices. Agency owners can monitor each and every task or client assigned to a team member. Through this client and employee profile, agents can track all commission related invoices. Making the job much smoother and free of errors and negligence.

Agentcis provides an easy to use interface for all Payable and Receivable Invoices. Using a single client and partner management platform makes information management easy. Therefore, keeping track of all your financials becomes easier. Your business becomes stronger by the day and moves towards being among the best study abroad companies, as more capital is efficiently funneled through your agency.

Would you like to know how Agentcis works better for you agency and helps you manage your Invoices workloads? Would you want to be among the best study abroad companies? Here’s the way to get started with Demo Session.