Use Client Feedback To Improve Migration Agency Business Performance

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Client feedback allows your migration agency to make informed decisions about the business strategy and influence the product road map. Moreover, it helps measure client satisfaction. Knowing how they perceive your products and agency is invaluable.

Whenever there is a product or service to sell, understanding what the clients want is the first and most important priority. Not only is it essential in the initial stages of the business, but throughout your migration agency life cycle.

Remember that businesses need to constantly evolve and they rely on client feedback to do so. We have put together five effective ways to gather feedback, including using it to improve your migration agency’s business performance:

Define your client feedback goals

Before you begin collecting client feedback, you need to make sure that you have clearly defined the reason for doing so. Additionally, you must identify which part of the user experience these feedbacks will address – website, counseling, financial, social media, and so on:

Identify client experience

Clients will interact with various touch-points of your migration agency at different times. It could be online or offline. Trying to acquire feedback on the general outcome of the agency may not be accurate, so it is better to identify specific functions of your business that requires client feedback. Which part of the user experience do you want to improve?

Define usage of client data

While identifying user experience of your migration agency is a great way to start, the next step is to figure how you will use the data from client feedback. What will you do with it once feedback is received?

Identify feedback channels

There are many ways of acquiring client feedback like emails, surveys, comment boxes, and more, but all of them may not suit your migration agency needs. First look at the user experience you wish to capture, then the sort of data you expect, before deciding which channel works best for your client feedback goals.

Select a feedback system or loop

You need a systematic approach to listen and learn from clients. Feedback loops provide your clients with an opportunity to tell you how your migration agency is doing. Thus, you want to make it as easy as possible for them. You can choose one or all of the following, depending on your needs:

Survey feedback

This is the most common way to receive clients feedback . They are straightforward and easy for your clients to complete. When executed correctly, these surveys provide insights into how satisfied or unsatisfied clients are with your migration agency.

Self-service feedback

This sort of client feedback is gathered from client reviews, feedback and community forums. They rely on your clients giving feedback on their own terms and you don’t necessarily have to ask for it. It works for clients who generally don’t want to fill surveys when you ask them to.

Personalized feedback

Another feedback system you can wield is personalized client feedbacks ,which include personalized emails, amiable follow-up calls, and client meetings. All of these interactions involve one-on-one interaction with the clients. The benefits of this system include a much higher response rate and you have the opportunity to build stronger client relationships.

Social media listening

Listening on your social media pages can be very useful for gathering honest clients feedback . Engagement on social media is usually quite consistent and this platform can be used successfully to get client feedbacks. Here are some proven ways:

Facebook polls

If your migration agency has a Facebook page, a brief poll can do a lot. These polls have been specifically designed to receive client feedback and you don’t need to do much except fill out the required information.

Status update

Posting a question via a status update is one of the easiest and quickest ways for your agency to gather instant feedback on social media. This is particularly helpful when your page fans are already engaged and getting value from the content you post or share.

Monitor comments

Your migration agency does not always need to approach clients directly for their feedback. Sometimes, you can simply monitor their engagement on your social media page and scan their comments about your agency and products.

On-site activity (via analytics)

What are your online users telling you? One of the best ways to receive client feedback is when users are candidly using your products, especially helpful when clients are browsing your website or social media page. To find these insights, you need analytics to show how clients are interacting with your online touch-points:

Use of content

If you are using a blog to post content about your agency’s products or experiences, you can easily find out how it’s been used. Along with knowing details like how many people have viewed the content, you can also know how they are using it.

FAQs section

A must-have part of any website, FAQs answer many questions that clients would generally ask. If they are spending less or more time on this information, you can deduct how they perceive your answers. The bounce rate will give a clear indication of how helpful the FAQ section is. This is an indirect yet effective way of getting client feedback.

Subscription data

If your agency sends out regular newsletters to clients, you can assess its impact by finding out how many people are subscribing to it or unsubscribing from it. You can even use this information to loop a survey in one of your newsletters about your agency’s products.

Feedback or comment boxes

By strategically inserting comment boxes at the end of web pages, you can get client feedback that does not require your employees to monitor it. Moreover, you don’t need to interrupt a user while they’re browsing the page. Ask your web developer for details and options. Here are some advantages of using such boxes:

No interruptions

The box will always be there, but never in an intrusive way. When clients enter their feedbacks, they can either continue to stay on the pages they were viewing or open another browser tab.

Single option

There are no drop downs, login interfaces or menus to deal with. Instead, there is simply a box to enter, much like a tangible suggestion box used during meetings, events or workshops.

Infinite client data

As an internal tool, it can be easily linked to all client data from the users, who submit their feedbacks, including usernames and email addresses. This helps create a database for your migration agency.

Don’t assume that handing out questionnaires to clients or emailing survey forms will convince them to fill it. In today’s busy world, user experience must be collected in a way that is subtle yet effective, thus encouraging clients to give honest and constructive feedback about your agency’s products. This is good education and migration agency CRM practice.