Does Your Foreign Study Consultancy Really Need a CRM Software?

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Does your foreign study consultancy really need clients? Well, you already know the answer to that question! It is the same when it comes to client relationship management (CRM). There is no doubt CRM is essential. We are here to figure out the benefits a CRM software provides and how it helps a foreign study consultancy manage client relationship effectively.

Some might argue that businesses have maintained good relations with their clients even before the dawn of technology. So, how does using technology make it any different? The difference is not about being modern or new age. It is about working with large volumes of data and stringing together a pattern from it.

This pattern helps you strategize, define, understand, and manage client relationship more efficiently. Thus showing you a comprehensive picture of your foreign study consultancy. Moreover, it eases the stress on human memory by supporting and perfecting your day-to-day operations.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. – Bill Gates

It facilitates by giving you and the clients an easy way of communicating and organizing data, making sure their work is done efficiently and on time. Here are six major benefits and reasons why your foreign study consultancy needs CRM software:

Take full control of your business operations with a CRM software

Knowing about what is happening in your foreign study consultancy is the only way to make informed decisions and manage your education or migration agency. A powerful CRM software can do so in the following ways:

  • Integrated client management: By pooling all the information about clients on a single platform, the CRM software ensures that no data is missing. This sort of accountability saves you time and effort.
  • Service workflow management: Whether you are an education or migration agent, the software supports multiple workflows. Moreover, you can customize the client service workflow, as per client needs.
  • Work from anywhere and anytime: Based on cloud technology, now you can work from anywhere and anytime with an agency CRM software. This gives clients a sense of relief to know that their work will not stop.

Assure clients about your agency’s efficiency and effectiveness

Clients will only opt for your foreign study consultancy if they have confidence in your services. Efficiency is vital for all businesses, but even more so in the education industry. Your clients will not be happy with lost files, missed appointments or mishandling of their applications. With an agency management CRM software, never miss an important dates or follow-ups.

  • Centralized file management: You can record, upload and manage all your client details from a single platform.
  • Safety and security: Apart from the ability to retrieve client documents, the software also ensures the safety of data by storing it with cloud technology.
  • Handling feedback, follow-ups, and appointments: You can receive instant feedback on your services and prioritize follow-ups about client queries or applications. You can set reminders about appointments and meetings or even wish clients on their birthdays.

Manage clients and their applications from a single platform

One of the most powerful attributes of CRM software is its ability to bring together all the various tasks in your agency at your fingertips. From retrieving documents to sending emails and notifications, it can do it all.

  • Upload and retrieve documents: Upload your client documents in any format and retrieve them instantly with files note and record keeping.
  • Use inbuilt email system: Quickly send emails to your clients from the system itself using proper business email etiquettes, without having to login externally.
  • Access from multiple devices: Since the software has a responsive layout, you can access it from multiple devices. Whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, you can always stay in touch with your clients.

Provide quick services

Time is the master! Effective time management builds value and confidence among your clients. The amount of time immigration offices will take to finalize client applications may not be in your control. But managing your foreign study consultancy time with clients is necessary and easily doable. Here is how an education agency CRM software can help:

  • Set appointments and meetings: You can schedule appointments or meetings with your clients, and receive notifications and reminders when it is due.
  • Receive timely notifications: Once you set appointments in the system, you can choose when you would like to receive notifications that remind you beforehand. This way, you will never miss an important appointment or event.
  • Instant and real-time updates: It is normal for clients to worry about their application process until it is complete. CRM software can help them ease the stress by sending out real time information about their application status.

Keep track of your client’s application process

This is probably what can easily make or break your foreign study consultancy relationship with clients. Having placed so much trust in your services, clients expect your agency to handle their applications with care. Agency management CRM software helps you do the following:

  • Customize your workflow: Every agency has a different style of working and you can customize your workflow management accordingly, as per your client needs.
  • Follow every stage diligently: Visa processes normally go through many stages and as an agent, it is essential for you to keep track of each one of them.
  • Track clients hassle-free: You can integrate, align, and manage all your client visa processes together in a single place.

Improved client experience and display of professionalism

Educational agency CRM software allows you to serve clients better and improve client experience by giving you access to a database of past services and interactions. Your agency representatives can use this knowledge to find solutions for client problems instantly. Here are some ways to do so in your foreign study consultancy:

  • Take notes or write memos: By writing notes and memos on each client, your foreign study consultancy can build a database of personalized experiences.
  • Find solutions anywhere and anytime: If you come across client problems that you have never heard before, you have the option of asking others in your industry or even crowd sourcing for reliable solutions.
  • Look and feel professional: Think of this as the difference between wearing shabby clothes to a client meeting or being at your very best. The results are obvious.

Your clients are the most vital component of your business and keeping them happy has to be your topmost priority! However, before taking on any new CRM software or technology, do make sure that your foreign study consultancy‘s processes are as efficient as possible.