Why your Educational Consultant Should Use a Data Management Platform for Education Agency

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Today, data is what makes the world go around. And efficient data management never fails to impress clients, partners or investors. It reflects your sincerity and professionalism. An agency is only as good as their data management process. This is because education agencies usually hold sensitive personal information about their clients. And your educational consultant needs the ability to keep it organized and secure. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you keep your business data well managed. And there’s nothing better than a data management platform for education agency, built to cater the specific need of their industry. Having a digital footprint can also help you expand your agency’s reach.

What gets measured, gets managed.

-Peter Drucker

Education agencies tend to only keep hard copies of their documents. This may seem easy since most people do it. But maintaining hundreds of files will get tedious and time-consuming. Sorting through your records can be impossible, especially in urgency. This is why your educational consultant needs to keep digital copies of  business information. This will make things much simpler and safer. Most modern businesses today have started keeping digital backups of their data. And for good reason.

Let’s talk about the numerous advantages of a database management system and what to look for in a good data management platform for an educational consultant.

Ease of Access and Flexibility

Most modern data management systems use a cloud-based platform. Meaning, your data is stored online. This allows you to access your data from anywhere. Your educational consultant does’t have to run back to the office every time (s)he forget an important file. In fact, a superior data management platform will allow your educational consultant to carry your office wherever (s)he goes. A laptop and an internet connection should be enough to get you going. So you should be sure that your data management platform is cloud-based.

Adopting a cloud-based data management platform is the smart move. And if you want to step up your game, you must embrace change and adopt new technology that improves your business efficiency.

Integrated Database and Random Access to your Data

Surely, it is not uncommon for many education agencies to use Excel or Google spreadsheet to keep digital records. Though it may suffice in the beginning phases of your business. As your data grows, spreadsheets will prove highly ineffective. Such poor practices lead to data redundancy among other issues. Also, these spreadsheets do not integrate your clients’ data to your partners’ or their products. This makes sorting through your data tedious every time your educational consultant works with a different client.

If you look online, you will find numerous data management platforms. However, it is always better to choose a data management platform that has been specifically designed to cater your industry needs. This will reduce the hassle for you to further customize the software to meet your requirements. For example, Agentcis is one of the best data management platform for education and migration agency.

Built specifically for educational consultants, Agentcis provides various data management solutions. It streamlines all your clients’ information to their choice of products and respective partners. Meaning, if an educational consultant wants to view a client profile, (s)he will be able to access all information about the university and courses from the same page. The platform also allows random access to any data. This means your educational consultant will not have to sort your data in ascending or descending order to access them. May it be a client, partner or product information, you can simply search the required data in accordance to your need. The software also provides flexible sorting options for your data.  For education agencies, Agentcis is the best education agency management software.

Data Analytics and Reporting

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reports and analytics

Accumulating data is useless without analytics. That’s why your choice of data management platform should able to generate business reports and highlights. This is a huge plus point. If not, your record keeping software should be easy to go through and classify. So that, you can at least produce business reports and analytics manually.

Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine

-Peter Sondergaard

Not maintaining a well-organized database means you will make mistakes while creating detailed business reports. And redundancies are the worst enemy of analytics. Such small errors can cost your business a lot since you will be getting your projections all wrong. Hence a high-grade data management platform for education agency should assist you in avoiding such errors.

Data Security and Backup

No doubt, data security must be your major concern too. Well, it is normal if an educational consultant feels uncomfortable trusting agency data with a third party. But don’t be tensed. These B2B service providers are as concerned about your data as you are. They maintain multiple backups around the globe so that your agency data is not lost due to any man-made or natural catastrophes. But, it is always better to be sure before finalizing a data management platform for your business. Ask them for details about which servers they use to provide their service. Make sure that these data centers are accredited for and used by other multinational companies as well.

For instance, Agentcis uses Amazon’s AWS for server management and data storage. AWS encrypts your data for maximum security and maintains backup centers around the world. This server is trusted by huge multinationals like Canon, Hootsuite, HTC, Netflix, and much more. Rest assured, your data will be in safe hands. Agentcis also offers a password-protected sub-domain and a multi-layered access authorization for your team.

Besides, confidentiality laws bind these service providers. If broken, it can cause them serious legal issues. Thoroughly going through their Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions is also a must. Most people skip this part. But don’t make that mistake. As you may become liable for data loss due to a violation of the terms & conditions.

In addition, data management platforms should also allow its user smooth data transition and correction. With all your agency data at your fingertips, data management platforms provide businesses with much-needed organization and storage of their vast data. No record keeping software is perfect and can provide you with every feature. However, you can analyze these factors to decide which data management platform suits your education agency and your educational consultant.