Date Trigger That Never Lets Agencies Miss Important Due Dates

Important Due Dates Triggers

All Agencies must consider using date trigger tools so as not to miss Due Dates related to their clients’ services. While ignoring due dates would put Reputation of Agencies at stake, for Clients it could mean a loss of their interest in the service. These are sensitive matter with serious consequences for Agencies.

Such as, Migration Agencies must remind visa applicants in advance of the Due Date for submitting certain documents. Existing clients, too, need to be reminded of when their visa is about to expire.

Migration Agents who handle 6-7 types of visas for any one country need to take several actions at each stage of the Visa application process. They need to request or forward some documents or follow up with Visa Case Officer on applications.

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In case of Education Agencies, Counselors need to be mindful of the start and end dates of their clients courses. It provides them an opportunity to call them and offer other services that the client may interested in.

While memorizing all Due Dates is simply impossible, relying on manual records and traditional technology would be of no real help either. On a really busy day, an Agent may have to take several actions on dozens of applications. An impossible job without the help of due date calendar.

Agentcis lets Agents work without worrying about the possibility of missing any important Due Date.

You can set a date to remind you of when your client’s visa is about to expire or when they are required to submit documents. On the specified date, a notification will pop up automatically on your screen.

You can click on the links that show up when you tap on the Notification Bell on the top right of the platform. It will take you to the section where your attention is needed.

To make things easier, the in-built Email functionality in this section allows you to quickly send reminder emails to your clients.

Date trigger function also lets you occasionally drop all formalities and be friendly with your clients. Set triggers for birthdays of your clients and give them a big surprise by sending warm wishes.