Elements of Good Websites for Education Consulting Firms

good websites for education agencies

Education consulting firms need to have good websites if they are to attract a good number of students as their clients. Why? Remember that time you left a website because you couldn’t find anything you were looking for? Ever ring your bell when you closed that website to search for something richer in quality content? That is why.

In a digital world where everyone uses search engines to seek information, you need to show your presence by building a great website. So how can a website become great, especially for educational agencies? Read along to find out.

Decide on domain name and a good web host

The domain name says a lot about your website. Thus, you need to ensure that it conveys the right message to your visitors. It is best if you have your agency’s name on it. But if it is already taken, you can find other similar options here.

Apart from the domain name, you have to select a reliable and efficient web hosting server/platform. People get frustrated with a slow website which increases your bounce rate. Gone are the days when people stuck around for information as now they can easily switch to your competitors. So, know your web hosting needs and select the one that will ease your website functioning.

Focus on design and relevant content

Everyone loves a well-designed website. Right from an appropriate font size to great visuals, everything is well incorporated into it. Sure it’ll grab their attention but an aesthetically pleasing website is no worth without relevant and quality content. So first, create relevant content and then design your website accordingly. Since your target audience is primarily students and their parents, you have to include the crucial information they look for in agencies. These include the following things:

  • Universities list
  • Scholarship information
  • Agent’s bio
  • Contact information
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Process Requirements
  • Certification from accredited institutions
  • Cost structure
  • If possible, a chat button

Most students look for the number of clients that have been provided service by the agency in order to check their authenticity. Thus, always include this information on your website. Communicating on a regular basis can be hectic for agents since they are always on-the-go with their clients. So, most agencies use best education agency CRM to connect and share information regarding their progress.

Just like you and me, if the content we’re looking for is not on the landing page itself then we tend to close the website altogether. Good websites for education consulting firms must incorporate these essentials in order to get leads.

Optimize your site

So you got the best designers and content writers for your website. Now what?

You know it’ll stand out but how will they find you in the first place? The answer to this is Search Engine Optimization. The basics include selecting the right keywords and incorporating them into your website. That is how major search engines such as Google will be able to find and rank you. By doing so, you will be able to show your presence in the content abundant world of internet. Lots of digital marketers are out there working specifically to rank websites on the Search results pages. You can always do it yourself or hire one.

The above mentioned are the key elements that good websites for education consulting firms have. If you’re determined to stay and become successful in the business, then start by integrating these into your website. Good Luck!