Things Migration Agents Should Know About ImmiAccount


ImmiAccount is a reliable and safe haven for people wanting to migrate. Gone are the days when cumbersome paperwork and bureaucracy drove you mad with frustration while applying for visas or citizenships. Files getting lost or misplaced were common hazards faced by all those involved in the process. Keeping track of so many applications was getting more difficult each day. Migration is undoubtedly an emotional decision and when coupled with inefficiency, it becomes a living nightmare for many applicants.

In the past few years, the Australian government has taken major steps to eradicate this issue by creating and launching the ‘ImmiAccount’, an online visa-processing platform. This new system lets you create, submit, pay for, and manage online visa applications under a single platform. In short, it is a direct gateway to the Australian immigration department and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As a migration  agency, this is a must-have account to streamline and grow your business. It accepts all online visa and citizenship requests except Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) applications.

Any online system that connects government agencies with private institutions or individuals to help streamline mundane processes is a step in the right direction. It gives qualified migration agents an edge while dealing with clients. Platforms like the ImmiAccount make it easy for visa applicants and migration agents to apply without undue physical effort or travel. In addition, the system allows visa application tracking. These days, many countries around the world are using online management systems to simplify their processes.

Here are few essential things migration agents should know about online visa processing platforms:

Easy Registration Process

There are two types of ImmiAccounts: Individual and Organization. Individual accounts are for solo applicants, an immediate family member or a friend who can apply for a visa or citizenship. Organization accounts are for organizations and migration agents, who are applying for a visa or citizenship or checking visa entitlements on behalf of their clients. Applying for this account is very easy. Once you have submitted an application, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection takes an average of five working days to process your request.

Manage Information Effectively

With online processing systems like these, migration agents are in a better position to grow their business. Using a combination of agency management software and visa processing system not only makes them time efficient but gives clients and potential clients the assurance that their applications will be tracked at every stage of the process. We now know that migration may be an emotional decision for the applicant but it is definitely more pragmatic for the authorities and migration agencies.

Track Visa Applications Efficiently

Manually tracking visa applications and their stages of progress used to be mentally draining. Moreover, chances were high that many steps in the process were obsolete. With ImmiAccount and its new feature of tracking visa applications online, clients and migration agents know the progress of their applications at every stage. This option also empowers them to take action whenever required.

Respond Faster

Besides adding the personal touch, migration agencies that are technology savvy have the advantage of providing timely information and updates to their clients. They are quicker to respond and manage their internal and external communications effectively. To let clients know about the outcome of their applications on time is a proven way of winning their trust.

Access LEGENDcom Database

Apart from being an online processing system, ImmiAccount is also a gateway to  LEGENDcom that host documents about migration laws, rules and regulations, and much more. As a migration agent, having access to this sort of information and using it effectively can do wonders to boost your client success  ratio.

Promote Wider Outreach

When migration agents are privy to these types of online management systems and databases, there are higher chances of attracting more clients from across the world. These processing systems require mandatory registration for full use, which eventually leads to subtle promotion for the migration agency on the internet and validates its work as well. With nearly 3.4 billion internet users worldwide and growing, the potential is tremendous.

Having direct access to immigration documentation and the ability to track applications online has brought the worlds of client, migration agent and authority much closer than ever before. This is a positive breakthrough for the Australian government, thus increasing trust and transparency in their system.