Hey Immigration Agent! Are You Losing Sales Commission In Lack Of Tracking Software?

immigration agent

An Immigration agent works hard for every dollar (s)he earns. So when the numbers don’t add up at the end of any month, it is natural for any immigration agent to feel worried. You have to scrutinize all the invoices and receipts and flip through files and folders to check what went wrong. A lot of time and energy gets wasted in the process with little sign of the missing or lost sales commission.

Agents typically respond to this problem in two different ways.

One type of immigration agent would scratch their head, throw their hands up in frustration but then forget about it. Another type looks for a solution.

You can easily search the internet for software that can track sales commission. But finding one that works best for Migration Agencies requires more serious efforts than simply hitting the search button.

There are a number of companies that produce common types of tracking software and promise to sweep you off your feet with their amazing solutions.

But migration agencies have specific requirements. Any software you choose must fulfill both your invoicing and operational needs. So you should go with a migration agency management software that integrates all your agency functions while also providing the invoicing and commission tracking features.

Agentcis, the agency management software, has been designed to meet these goals.

To begin with, the software organizes the information related to your clients and partner institutions so well that you see all of them at a glance. You can simply check every detail of your clients by opening the application on any device connected to the internet.

What’s more, you can do it from anywhere using Agentcis. You don’t have to set aside a specific time and sit with your accountants to get invoice details or find out what is happening with your sales commission.

This ease of access means you can create and update receipts, carry out follow-ups on all unpaid invoices and reply to all queries on the go.

No need to spend days holed up in your office just to do all these tasks.

Agentcis also has a cool interface that is pleasing to work with and easy to use. This is especially helpful because keeping track of sales commission can be very confusing.

Different colleges/universities have different commission payment cycles. So as an immigration agent you need a software that allows you to add and manage due dates for upcoming invoices based on service fee installments of various partner institutions. It also should be flexible enough to let you add and customize invoicing items as per your clients’ and partner institutions’ need.

This freedom to generate specific invoices will make the commission claim process simple and manageable for you and your partners.

Immigration agent who is involved in day-to-day Agency operations will be amazed to see how Agentcis tools compliment each other.  

Getting from one feature to another is so smooth that  immigration agent can cross-check all information in seconds. You can find how many students you sent abroad when enrollments happened, when the students are supposed to send the fees and when the sales commission for the enrollments are due almost instantaneously.

Not only that, you can track due payments at every stage and add Notes to include additional information on payments.

These features minimize the chances of errors, tell you the stage of an application, and help you make the right assessment about when payments and commissions are due.

Agentcis connects the dots, from beginning to the end, so you will never be in the dark about your agency’s financial condition.