Manage International Student Recruitment with Education Agent CRM

education agent crm

Education agents and agencies are generally the first points of contact for most international students. To be successful, they must be efficient and effective throughout the student recruitment lifecycle – from lead generation and marketing to acceptance and registration. Thus, it is essential for you to make a great impression as well as manage the student recruitment process. Your education agency must consider the changing needs of today’s students. This is where technology can assist you efficiently, and a good example here is Education Agent CRM.

International students and their families have high expectations for your services. To meet their growing demands, improve your agency processes to deliver the results. You will need client relationship management (CRM) software, built especially for education agencies.

Analyze whether your agency needs a CRM first and then see how effectively an education agent CRM can help recruit and manage international students:

Create personalized content

Today, prospective international students have hundreds of choices when it comes to choosing their favorite college or university. Moreover, they are very active online, constantly looking for information about their study options. Here are some tips for education agents to personalize your agency’s content.

Understand your database

Look into your prospective client profiles to know about their likes and dislikes. View them as individuals, without generalizing their preferences. This is a common mistake and bulk email campaigns are a classic example of it. Sending random emails to people in your database rarely works and creates a negative impression among clients. Instead, education agents should give them what they want and expect.

Group clients into buyer personas

As an Education agent, when you are dealing with so many prospective clients, it may not be practical to create content for each individual. Instead, you can group them into relevant personas, by analyzing and categorizing their interactions with your education agency. This becomes easier for an education agent. An example of personalized international student recruitment approach used by an education agent is listed below.

  • Some people may choose to visit your agency website, but do not make any decisions to buy the services.
  • Some may suddenly stop interacting with your agency, without any known reason or prior notification.
  • There will be clients who connect with your online touch points and are quite active when it comes to giving you feedback and suggestions.
  • People who have made quick decisions to buy your service after visiting the website or social media page.

Know when and what to do

Interacting with clients is undoubtedly good, but you need to be careful that it is not overdone. Just because a client has communicated with you once does not mean you start bombarding them with information. This is where client personas will help you segregate the do’s from the don’ts.

Add touch points to every part of the application process

The application process can be daunting for many new students. To help make their journey smoother, you can use prospective student data from your education agent CRM system and guide them through the process.

  • With CRM data, you can notify students when application deadlines are coming up.
  • You can let them know about their application status and upcoming interviews.
  • While their application process is going on, you can connect them with news and information about college life.
  • You can share expert opinions about future prospects in their careers.
  • You can share valuable suggestions or articles about enriching their college experience.

Connect with students via social media

The Education Agency CRM software gives your education agency a common platform to collate various touch points, one of which is social media. Whether you are prospecting clients or managing those who are already in the application process, social media can be a positive outreach.

  • Share valuable information about colleges and universities, which are in your agency’s portfolio.
  • Receive feedback from clients about the kind of colleges or universities they like and would like to enroll.
  • Share course and career information on your social media page.
  • Share interesting facts about the education industry, in the form of info-graphics or real-life stories of students from around the world.

Keep track of financial data with education agent CRM

Managing student recruitment also means organizing financial data efficiently. Besides invoicing them on time, the educational agency management software can help you keep track of potential grants and financial aid for students.

  • With a management platform for international student recruitment, Education Agent CRM, invoicing and managing clients becomes easy and timely. You will save time in finding client information or knowing when and whom to invoice with the CRM’s automated processes.
  • Your CRM system can help in tracking the progress of a grant application or a student loan, so the clients know when to apply or reapply.
  • With the help of CRM, your education agency or a grant manager can use the system to contact applicants, set up appointments, and assist students with loan applications.

Give personal attention to clients

It has never been easier to give personal attention to your clients than now! Each client’s situation will be different – academic, financial or otherwise. Treating them as individuals makes a huge difference and enhances your agency’s credibility.

  • With the help of a CRM for managing international student recruitment, you can monitor each student’s individual visa application process.
  • Your team will know exactly where they are in the application process.
  • Recruitment teams can have instant visibility into issues such as applications that are incomplete or missing client data.
  • You can rapidly find and react to recruiting issues as they emerge. Recruiters must have the capacity to recognize and tackle any problem that may arise in the process.
  • With powerful data analytics and workflows that can be set easily, your education agent can anticipate issues early on and take appropriate action.

Education agent CRM systems have been designed keeping agencies in mind, including the issues they generally face while dealing with clients. The system’s biggest attraction is its one-stop platform and easy access to data, which gives education agencies a clear advantage when it comes to client interactions and managing international students recruitment process!