Never lose a Single Dollar with ‘Commission Tracking’

Never lose a single dollar

Smart Education Agents always look for a foolproof invoicing software to prevent their commission moneys from falling through the cracks. All Agents should.

Commissions from partner institutions are the main source of profit and revenue for Education Agencies.

Failure to track commissions and conduct timely follow up on pending invoices chokes commission collections, draining your Agency of the much needed funds.

While Agents who use manual record-keeping of invoices will soon find themselves around a pile of bills and folders, those who use excel sheets know how time-consuming and uneasy it is to click-in and click-out of folders, even when they are looking for smallest details.

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Education Agencies need a software that combines invoicing and commission tracking functions in a single platform.

Agentcis, an advanced Agency Management Software, makes tracking commissions and performing follow-ups so easy that you’ll almost certainly stop worrying about it.

You can find all your invoices by going to the “Accounts” section and clicking on “Invoices” on the drop down list.

In addition, to find any particular invoice, you don’t have to scramble through folders or scroll up and down worksheets. Just type in the name of your client in the “Search” field and get the status of the invoice related to that client.

The “Invoice” section is so well-integrated with Agency work processes that Agents can also access the Profile history of their client; set and track due dates for payables and receivables; and also send emails to clients and partner institutions using templates for reminders or requests.

We understand that you need constant stream of commissions flowing in to sustain your business and keep it growing.

Agentcis has features that enable you to carry out PROACTIVE follow ups on pending invoices, making sure that all your commissions are paid timely or released eventually.