File Notes & Record Keeping System An Immigration Agency Can Rely On

May 25, 2018

A professional digital record keeping system can do wonders for Australian immigration agency. Clients set an impression of any business by observing how agencies treat their information. Hence, you can determine this easily. Just view the priority immigration agency give to maintaining file notes and record keeping.

An Australian immigration agency with well-recorded information has a well-organized workplace. It improves their work quality. Moreover, it directly helps in maintaining good impression among clients and partners. Clients expect you to pay full attention to them and their situations with well-recorded files. This way you can give them proper assistance.

Ultimately, an immigration agency should maintain proper records of all communications. It provides a clear understanding of the cases of their clients. Likewise, when you properly record the details of the clients, there is no need to keep bothering them about their case.

But apart from clients, Agencies also have to convince the officials at MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia) about their credibility. You can do this by maintaining proper records of all communications related to an application.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia, has issued a Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents. In conclusion, MARA makes sure that this is being implemented.

As per the code of conduct, all MARA registered agents should maintain File Notes and the detailed records. You should do this with all of the communications with the clients.


It states that all MARA registered agents must maintain proper records. Furthermore, you should make it available for inspection on request by the Authority.

Moreover, the code also makes it mandatory for all MARA registered agents to keep the records of 7 years after the date of the last action on the file for a client. At this point, it may seem like a daunting task. However, a proper record keeping system will help you easily overcome this issue.

It is clear that every bit of information that a client and a migration agent shares is a valuable piece of information. The agents can refer to this information at any stage of the visa application process.

You can rely on agency management software like Agentcis that allows NOTE taking and retrieving whenever you require it.

A section of a Client Profile page is entirely dedicated to Notes. It’s a bit similar to education portal. Here, an immigration agency registered with MARA will ever miss out on any vital piece of information.

Migration agent management tool of this system eliminates the need to create or open separate files each time you have a serious discussion with your clients. Additional files only add to the complexity and confusion.

Using this migration agent management system, you can take extensive file notes based on all verbal discussions with clients.

Similarly, to make client information management even simpler, Agentcis allows you to record and retrieve notes online. Agentcis is a FULLY RELIABLE platform, where the information you provide never gets lost.

Therefore, invest in Agency management software for your immigration agency and save yourself from record keeping trouble.