Five Must-Have Student Agency Marketing & Management Tools

Apr 26, 2017
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Since the onset of the internet, the way we perceive and use management and marketing has taken a whole new turn. The digital age is providing so many management tools that help your business scale-up, as well as improve work processes. Moreover, unlike in the past, technology makes every little detail measurable. This helps student agency marketing and management easier.

These days, we have access to software, applications, and digital media that can help business processes tremendously. Whether it is to enhance your agency workflow, manage clients efficiently or generate leads from social media, technological innovations can do the trick.

If you want to scale-up and improve business efficiency at the same time, there are some essential student agency marketing and management tools you should know about. We have put together a list of five types of must-have management and marketing tools for your agency:

Client relationship management (CRM)

Besides the ability fast and effective service, CRM software helps build long-term relationships with clients. Your agency goes through large volumes of client data on a daily basis and managing it manually can become a tedious task – common mistakes will disrupt the outcome of each application. Here are some reasons why you must use CRM for student agency marketing and management:

Track client progress effortlessly

Your agency can track the progress of client applications through every stage. At each stage, you can email, add notes, set due dates, post comments or upload documents. The system automatically logs any changes you make. So regardless of the size of your client database, the system will always provide accurate information.

Set reminders and notifications

With so much going on in your business, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything. Especially details like due dates for applications or appointments can be easily overlooked, without prior notifications. With CRM software, you can set reminders that will help you get it all done on time.

Protect client documents with ease

When clients hand over their documents to your agency, they have full faith in your ability to keep them secure. Loss of data or important paperwork due to careless handling will result in negative branding for your agency. The software uses the same cloud database preferred by NASA, Netflix, Airbnb, and Unilever, among others.


 Agency Management

The ability to assign and share tasks is the basis of good teamwork. At the same time, it must be efficient and effective too! Misaligned task sharing creates a team where everyone is unsure about their roles and responsibilities, resulting in inefficient processes and mediocre outcomes for your agency business. Here is how you can ease the workflow and manage it better using agency management tools:

Modify workflow as per your agency needs

Whether you are a migration or education agency, you can customize workflows as per your business requirements. This unique feature gives your agency the flexibility to make workflow adjustments.

Manage user levels effectively

This feature allows your agency to set up groups like administrators, managers, accountants, and counselors with access rights and restrictions. The administrator can then assign each user to these groups and regulate access to your database accordingly.

Share tasks, communicate and collaborate

Tasks-sharing allows your team to assign tasks among each other. You can keep track of how a task progresses through each stage and view comments made along the way. Moreover, due to cloud technology, your agency staff can work from anywhere, as long as there is internet connectivity.

 Social media management

There was a time when businesses used one or two social media networks to promote their products and services. Doing the same today is probably not enough to reach your clients. You don’t need to follow them everywhere, but you should use at least three different mediums – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Here are some things you should look out for while choosing a social media management tool:

Easy to navigate

Getting stuck with a tool that takes time to understand or navigate is the last thing you want to do. It should be user-friendly and able to get the job done quickly without any technical complications.

Simplicity and efficiency

Whether you are managing social networks personally or getting help from a staff member, it saves time and energy to use complementary tools that can schedule your posts to multiple channels. While your agency focuses on what needs to be said and when, the tool manages content delivery from a single platform.

Analytics and insights

While managing various social media channels effectively is important, measuring its success among the target audience is even more crucial. Use a tool that can give you accurate insights and analytics on how people are interacting with your networks.

Email marketing and automation

Email marketing is a great way to acquire, engage, and retain clients. Instead of spending hours writing emails, these numerous management tools provide a one-stop shop to market your agency, send regular newsletters, and promote the business overall. These are the attributes you need in a good email marketing tool:

Database and client portfolio management

Your email addresses and client details should be managed by the system itself, in an organized and user-friendly way. The ability to create client portfolios with their names, addresses, and contact details is crucial. It will help identify clients during marketing campaigns, deal offers, and other agency initiatives that require emails.

Personalized messaging

Select student agency marketing management tools, in which you are able to send personalized messages that align with the interests of your clients. Whether they are browsing your website or social media page, clients should be able to receive these marketing messages instantly.

Good design and templates

Apart from efficiently organizing your email database and campaigns, it is important for the student agency marketing and management tool to have attractive templates that are easy to use. While sending emails, presentation really matters and a good design will help you achieve the agency’s marketing goals.


 Brand management tools and design

Although the term ‘brand awareness’ covers a vast segment of your agency business, many of the visual elements you need can be created with the help of various softwares. If you hire professional designers for logos or visiting cards, they will give you a personal touch. However, designers can charge too much and not necessarily needed for such work. It is very important for educational agency CRM. Here are some design software features you must consider for your student agency marketing:

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Developers build these management tools in such a way that almost anyone with basic technological knowledge can use them effectively. Easy to operate, it gives your agency the freedom to select from various design options.

Multiple options and layouts

A brand management tool should have hundreds of design options available, if not more! The layouts should be attractive and comparable or better than what a graphic designer will be able to do.

Value for money

Management and student agency marketing tools that are free or inexpensive is good, only if it is able to effectively brand your agency. If it has a price tag, it should not be too expensive and definitely less than paying a design person.

Your agency should focus on finding tools that are highly functional, user-friendly, and offer value for money. Rather than being a burden to the agency, it needs to complement and improve your working style and processes. There are plenty of student agency management tools out there, so choose wisely!