Student Agency: How To Select The Best Education Counsellor?

May 15, 2018
student agency

There are many situations where a student agency cannot retain clients. For instance, the student agency’s counsellor tries persuading the student interested in marketing to study accounting. Subsequently, the student switches the student agency. You experience this a lot in the agencies. They consider it as a normal phenomenon but it is not. The truth is the education counsellor needs to work on dealing with clients.

Mostly, client turnover is common in agencies and they may never take it seriously. One of the main reasons for that is the education counsellors. They are the primary point that connects you and your clients. If that is weak, your clients never reach to your service. The strong and flexible link between you and your clients retain them.

The best thing you can do is hire a qualified counsellor for your student agency. Recruit someone deserving and train them according to the work requirements.

We have compiled four requirements you have to look into while hiring an education counsellor.

Here you go!

Look for communication, social and interpersonal skills

Education counsellor shows students every side of the abroad studies. S/he must have the ability to explain ideas and show the option that aligns with their interest. Likewise, they are there to guide and assist the students. Your student agency’s counsellor must have the ability to tackle the client’s woes. Undoubtedly, S/he representing your agency with a smile does the magic rather than showing a grumpy face. One should find the counsellor friendly and patient. Moreover, it gets easier for students to communicate with a friendly counsellor. It is much easier to give all details to them.

Qualification and educational experience matter

Your student agency’s counsellor builds the skills with training, experience and qualification. Trained professionals with experience have a charismatic personality. As they learn and experience, they know the tricks to tackle all kind of complications. The education agent training course makes their convictions and approach more effective. The qualified and trained education counsellor having proper experience just makes him/her the ideal choice. Similarly, they must have AVETMISS knowledge that is  Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard. It confirms accuracy and consistency of vocational education and training information.

In spite of their qualification and experience, they must know their niche back to front. Study processes, visa processing, insurance and legal system are a few things that matter. Your counsellor must know the particular country you are dealing with.

Language proficiency and presentation skills

The student agency’s counsellor needs to interact with foreign institutes. You need to hire a counsellor who can interact with your partners in their language. Communication with the other parties goes smoothly and gives you a significant advantage when you converse in their language. Besides, the gap and miscommunication decline to a great level.

However, language doesn’t add any advantage if your agency’s presentation skill is not appealing. The presentation of your company, courses and even of clients to the partners hike the success rate. Presentation skills of the education agents lead your company to the different height.

Proactive nature

Acting in advance and taking precaution for future events is what student agency’s counsellor has to do. You should accept the proactive attitude and stop responding to the situations after it occurs.

Moreover, your company can handle any hurdle through education counsellor’s proactive nature. Make sure to hire the one who has an eye for details. Every tiny aspect is a clue for issues that might arise. Keeping yourself and your employees aware of it is necessary.

Similarly, knowing right education agents management tool and applying it makes you proactive. Ensure that your education counsellor is prepared beforehand and comes up with consultants management solution.

These four elements are the essence of ideal education counsellor. A perfect CV is not the only thing that counts. Now that you know, you can base employee selection on these elements for your student agency.