Study Abroad Consultancies should use Agentcis for Offices and Team Management

Feb 19, 2018
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Study abroad consultancies can fully rely on Agentcis to manage their offices and teams. Simply because we have designed Agentcis to cater the needs of this particular industry. So, unlike other business management platforms, Agentcis addresses the demands of study abroad consultancies much more accurately. Moreover, office management and automation are only effective if your platform is dedicated to your niche.

“Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine.”

-Eliyahu Goldratt

The functionalities of study abroad consultancies can vastly differ from regular businesses. Hence, education consultants have to repeatedly update their office management processes to match their business management platform. This is where Agentcis stands out from the rest. Agentcis act as a consultant management solution.

From managing internal office tasks to multiple branches, let’s explore how Agentcis can help study abroad consultancies achieve maximum efficiency.

Supervise daily Tasks and Appointments with maximum efficiency

Depending on face-to-face communication to assign and supervise daily tasks is hectic, to say the least. Especially when the influx of students is at peak during intake seasons. And let’s not even get started with all the paperwork that comes along. This is primarily why Agentcis allows unrestricted task creation and assignment to all team members.

Branch managers and administrators can easily supervise these tasks. Agentcis clearly displays due dates, assignees, and status of ongoing tasks easy monitoring. Besides task management, Agentcis also allows its Users to create appointments with Clients, Partners or other team members for smoother collaboration.

Keeping track of business-as-usual has never been easier. As Agentcis automatically sends you constant email notifications. The Dashboard displays all your important tasks and appointments in a single glance. With all this, missing an important due date is impossible.

Easily manage your Team with diverse User Roles

Maintaining a certain sense of hierarchy is crucial to preserve the office harmony. Especially since each team member has a different job role. Getting them muddled up can create confusion and inefficiency in study abroad consultancies. So, keeping in mind the internal structure of study abroad consultancies, Agentcis allows you to assign numerous User Roles as per their responsibilities. You can assign Admins, Operators, Managers, Counsellors, Sub-agents and so many more in study abroad consultancies. Agentcis has also set predefined access level as per their hierarchy. This helps reduce disorientation among team members. Clearly defined access authorization also allows you to protect your precious data from being misused.

Manage Multiple Branch Offices with a single platform

What good is a business management platform if it restricts growth? It would make zero sense if you had to manage different branch offices using different platforms. Well, not with Agentcis! You can easily manage any and all branch offices using this software. Agentcis also displays the overview of any affiliated branch office; domestic or international, with a single click of a button. Now you can take full control of all your offices regardless of where you are.

Smart Business Analytics and Office Overview

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Agentcis also provides you with smart business analytics from your agency data. It is a consultant management platform. This can help you determine your best team members to most popular courses. Agentcis provides you with a  graphical representation of how your business is running. This allows you to allocate your resources appropriately and achieve maximum efficiency in study abroad consultancies.

In conclusion, study abroad consultancies around the globe will eventually move towards smarter business management platforms. And Agentcis is the smartest choice of them all. With a myriad of functions to play around with, agency management is at its best with Agentcis. So, to stay on the top of your game, you must adopt the best office management platform for study abroad consultancies.