Abroad Education Consultants :Track Invoice & Commission Follow Ups

Jul 5, 2016
Abroad Education Consultants

Ability to track invoice accurately can set you apart from your competition. For Abroad Education Consultants, the role of accountants is just as important as any other staff member. Track invoices incorrectly and untimely commission follow-ups for payables and receivables can damage an abroad education consultants relation with clients and partners.

Likewise, if accountants fail to track invoice & commissions and carry out timely follow-ups, Abroad Education Consultants will soon find themselves short of funds. Without funds, Abroad Education Consultants will not even be able to run their operations, let alone keep up with the competition or expand their business.

By using Agentcis, best education consultancy management software, you can put to rest all your worries. Abroad Education Consultants will be able to track invoice and commission with ease. The software application makes it possible for your accountants to create, update, retrieve and track invoice with utmost ease.

In no more than a few seconds, they will be able to locate invoice related to any client. After locating they can take whatever actions are needed. Agentcis also has inbuilt email, which means student agency can send follow up message to their clients and partners on pending receipts without wasting much time.

The simplest and quickest way to find invoices related to a particular client is the search box on the top right of the platform. Type in the name of the client and hit the search button. Once you see the name of the client appear, you can click on it. Abroad Education Consultants then get every detail related to that client, including all matters related to invoices.

Abroad education consultants can also search invoice by category. The Accounts has been divided into Invoices, Payables, Receivables and Others.

Apart from the ease of access, there are several other helpful features related to invoicing and commission tracking.

One of the major benefits of this education agency management software is that you no longer need to use manila folders to maintain a manual record of invoices. You don’t even have to use excel sheets and create multiple folders to store information about receipts.

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What’s even more noteworthy is that, Agentcis, an education agency management system never lets you lose or misplace invoices. In addition, you can set notifications to remind you of the due date. Similarly you can take notes regarding any invoice or send follow up emails to clients and partners quickly.

Notifications tool ensure that you’ll never miss out on any commissions or delay any sort of payments. This commission tracker software will prevent any action that can compromise visa application process of your clients.

Agentcis, one of the best education agents management software also provides options for creating invoices for transactions not directly related to the application process. For example, you can generate an invoice for taxi fare or lodging charges of your client.

In addition, the software allows abroad education consultants to generate reports on payables and receivables. This  gives you a clear idea about your companies’ cash flow. Status of the cash flow helps Agents make investment plans for the future.

Proper invoicing and commission follow-ups is key to survival and growth for Abroad Education Consultants. With that in mind, we’ve created tools that allow your Accounts team to reliably manage and track invoice and commission that flow in and out of your Agency.

Use the right overseas education consultants management software to reach the greatest heights and be ahead than the competition.