10 Reasons Why Your Agency Should Use Agency Management Software

agency management software

Has tracking hundreds of applications manually or storing data ever been overwhelming for your agency? Chances are that it probably has. It is evident that as human beings we can only do so much, beyond which we most certainly need help.

Especially in the education and migration industry, the window for errors is minimal. Not only will you lose the client, but the reputation of your agency as well. Here are top ten reasons why using agency management software is the right thing to do:

No loss of data or information

Storing data in the internet instead of your hard drive means there is less risk of losing information. Agency management software like Agentcis use cloud-based technology, giving you benefits like:

  • Risk management, as loss of data can mean embarrassing moments with clients.
  • The software allows a single online platform to record, upload, and manage all client and partner details.
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world and secure data protection at the same time.

Reduce errors by leaps and bounds using agency management software

A missing file, missed appointment or an invoice not sent on time can create major headaches for the agency business. It is a waste of time and effort to track them, instead of focusing on your work ahead.

  • Sharing tasks and organizing your workflow help keep agency errors in check.
  • You can check and update where client applications are at each stage.
  • You can create general as well as commission-based invoices as per your need, set due dates accordingly and manage invoices and commissions tracking.

Clearly define your roles and responsibilities

Agency management software allows you to share, assign and organize your tasks. When everyone in your agency knows what he or she needs to do, it becomes easier to track the progress as well.

  • Agentcis ‘user levels’ give you the freedom of assigning roles as admins, managers, accountants, administrators, and so on.
  • You can set work stages, as per your agency needs, whether it is to do with applications, offer letters or anything else.
  • By clearly assigning roles and responsibilities for each person on your team, it helps remove any mix-ups and confusion.

Enhance internal communications

Good teamwork is all about good communications. Clear flow of information leads to efficient and reliable work, cutting out office disputes. With the help of agency management software, your team can work as a fluid and single unit.

  • There is no need to run after people to find information or get the work done.
  • Smart dashboard widgets give you meaningful summaries of your agency’s operations and performance.
  • The software gives you easy access to performance reports that help you assess the progress of each team member.

One team, one goal

For any business to be successful, the goal should be to focus on a single mission that the entire team can pursue. However, lack of clarity is what dismantles that vision and leads to failure. It is much easier to indoctrinate the agency mission among your team, when it comprises of just two or three people.

  • When your team grows in size or if they are located in other cities or countries, you can still get the work done smoothly.
  • Your agency can easily keep track of how your agency branches are performing and whether they are achieving their targets.
  • You can share documents and information with your agency team from anywhere in the world.

You just need to say it once!

By avoiding repetition of instructions, your agency’s team can enhance efficiency and save energy. Imagine the amount of time and effort you would waste if you have to instruct your team repeatedly, with virtually no record of those conversations. This can be highly frustrating.

  • Your directors and managers can benefit from listing out instructions in the agency management software, thus reducing unnecessarily managerial oversight, helping in simplifying task management.
  • All you need to do is add a service to each client, assign tasks to your staff, and get them to update their status on the system.
  • Regardless of the size of your client database, the management system will always provide accurate information.

Organize everything in a single place

Everything from word files, spreadsheets and emails to voicemails, letters, memos, and proposals, can be part of your agency management system.  You can even create templates for commonly used client letters, to save typing.

  • No more worries about lost files, duplicating information or looking for old documents.
  • You can even set appointments with clients and partners, and receive notifications, when it is due.
  • You can upload your documents in any format and retrieve them from Agentcis cloud, anywhere and anytime.

Everyone is on the same page, and quite literally too!

Consistent workflows are easier with agency management software in your agency. As every scanned information, notes or notifications are centralized, you can schedule for  vendors, employees, client documentation, carriers, prospect information, and accounting.

  • Your agency counsellors can save and store information on partner institutions and courses available.
  • Agency accountants can access financial information and take appropriate action immediately.
  • Administrators and marketers in your agency can promptly generate reports on tasks, courses, and upcoming trends.

Gives clients confidence in your agency

The service industry thrives on trust, without which, client relationships suffer and eventually turn sour. A lot of this is to do with keeping your business efficient and organized. Factors like loss of files or information, late replies, unclear roles and responsibilities, along with other such inefficiencies, cause a sense of mistrust. Agency management software helps you keep track of your clients.

  • When your business is efficient and organized, it creates the value of trust among clients.
  • It is a big relief for your clients to know that their applications will be in safe and responsible hands.
  • Since most people are tech-savvy these days, they understand the importance of using technology to solve their problems. Thus, they are more likely to gravitate towards your services.

Value for money

In everyday life, value for money is about not paying more for a product or service than its quality or availability justify. Moreover, it is also to do with saving time! Here is how you can assess whether you are getting value for money, when it comes to buying agency management software:

  • Look into your daily business operations and evaluate how much time it is taking to perform each task.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the task too, based on effectiveness and impact.
  • Take help from a financial planner to assess how much money your business is currently generating. Compare this with how much income your business can generate, if the same work becomes more efficient and prompt. Find the difference and you will get your value for money!

While the agency management software can enhance your agency’s functions with efficiency, task management, and timeliness, it still requires the human touch. Using technology to run your business is great, but having the right people in place, who can operate it effectively, is even more essential!