How Australia Is Leading The Visa Application Tech With Immiaccount

Aug 6, 2018

Australia is leading the visa application tech through immiaccount. Are other countries looking into something similar?

Technology is the key to development; it defines the extent to which a country is developed. Nations are sprinting on their toes in quest for technological advancement, fearing that they might get left behind. The Australian Department of immigration too is no stranger to the advancing digitization. Thus through the use of immiaccount, they have enabled applicants to have online access to their services. You do not need to go to the department of immigration itself, or make excessive calls for any related affairs.

Why do you need to create immiaccounts?

Immiaccount is your key to access all the services provided by the immigration department online. By creating immiaccount, agents or agencies can gain access to the following online services:

  1. Online citizenship or visa application
  2. Application status check- VEVO check
  3. Connect to My Health Declaration services
  4. Revise personal details or application
  5. Australian citizen exclusive- APEC business travel card application
  6. Application import facility (either PDF or in a paper)
  7. Carry on with saved application
  8. Application document attachments
  9. Payment services-
  • Paper application
  • Invoice for visa
  • Immicard

You will have the option to utilize any of these numerous benefits. All you have to do is create an account!

So who can create immiaccounts?

Contrary to the popular belief, not only individuals, but organizations can also have their respective immiaccounts.

  • Individual : Any individual, associates or family members can apply for citizenship or a visa from immiaccounts.
  • Organizational : Agents and organizations can apply for citizenship or visa from immiaccount. Furthermore, they can also check the visa situations in the interests of others.

You can create your choice of immiaccount in no time. The users have the choice of either creating new account or joining existing accounts.

How can immiaccounts help you?

The facilities provided by immiaccount are useful for both individuals and agencies alike. Thus, here are some ways in which an immiaccount can help you.

  • Convenience

It is tedious for both the applicant and the Australian immigration department to exchange this information over the phone. The callers will be countless, while the recipients will be limited. Thus by applying online you don’t need to wait on the phone line.

  • Payments

You can apply and pay for numerous visa applications at once through the immiaccount respectively.

  • Amendments

Often when filling out an application, immiaccount or not, we make mistakes. And it is natural- after all, we’re only humans. But worry not, immiaccount allow you to fill out an online form of notification of incorrect answers. So whatever error you made earlier, you still have a chance to amend it through the immiaccount.

  • Change in passport details

From the immiaccount, you may want to make alterations in your address or, email id or if you have to make any modifications in your passport details. Therefore with Immiaccount you can update these details by filling out a form and submitting it.

If you have trouble keeping track of your clients’ activities, then you can use a crm software to ease the managing process.

Feel like making an immiaccounts for yourself right away? Here’s the sign up process-

  • Google “immiaccounts” and several results will show. Choose the very first result, and you will be redirected to the web page of Department of Home Affairs. It will directly take you to the immiaccounts login page.
  • Then there will be two options:
    • ImmiAccounts- Login
    • ImmiAccounts- Create
  • The immiaccounts login is for the already existing users, so you need to choose the second option; click on the immiaccounts “Create” button.
  • Upon clicking on the immiaccounts “Create” button, it will take you to another page. First, you will need to enter for the type of online services that you need-
    • Individual
    • Organization (including agents)
  • Click on the one most relevant to you.
  • Secondly, you will be asked to select the online services you need to apply for a visa or citizenship. If you choose “individual” then only “LEGENDcom will show.
  • If you choose “Organization,” then the following will show-
    • LEGENDcom (requires the purchase/join of an annual subscription)
    • Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for organizations
    • Online Lodgment (apply for citizenship or visa including nomination and sponsorship)
    • Organization Account Administration
  • Then, you have to provide user details.
  • For individuals, you will have to input the following new user details-
    • Family name
    • Given names
    • Phone
    • Mobile phone
    • Email address
  • Click continue, and following information will appear-
    • New Password
    • Secret questions and answers
    • Security alerts (about- change name details, successful login and change password)
    • Terms and conditions
  • Click submit, and you will have your immiaccount
  • For Organization you will have to input the following new user details-
    • Title (Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Other)
    • Family Name
    • Given Names
    • Phone
    • Mobile Phone
    • Email address
    • Address
    • Suburb/Town
    • Country
    • State
    • Postcode/Zip
  • Click continue, and following details will appear-
    • New Password
    • Secret questions and answers
    • Security alerts (about- change name details, successful login and change password)
    • Terms and conditions
  • Click submit and you will have your organization immiaccount.

To enhance your data management process, you can shift from the traditional paper record keeping system to using a management application. That way, you can easily organize and access the client information.


Are there any predetermined criteria for signing up for immiaccounts?

There are no such predetermined criteria for signing up for immiaccounts. Basically, anyone who wants to apply for a visa online can create and manage their immiaccounts. Both people residing currently in Australia and the people living anywhere else can access the website and create their immiaccounts.

Is it possible to create immiaccounts after submitting the visa application?

Not only can you create immiaccount after submitting the visa application, but you can also import the visa application into the newly formed immiaccount. However, this is determined by the category of visa that you applied for in the immiaccount.

I want to withdraw my visa application. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw your application from immiaccount. But here’s the catch- you have to do it before the decision about your application is made. To do so you can either complete the Form 1446- Withdrawal of a visa application, or you can do it through a letter or an email. Also make sure to include your date of birth, file reference number/transaction record number, full name and date of application. Similarly, Applicants over the age of 18 should sign the letter of withdrawal or the form. Keep in mind that even if you remove the application from immiaccounts, the application will not be withdrawn.

What are the reasons for visa applications to be rejected?

There are several reasons why a visa application is rejected. They are-

  • Inputting faulty information
  • A discrepancy between the claims and the actuality mentioned details in the form.
  • Unqualified character and health requirements.
  • Conditions not met of a previous visa.

Who are eligible for signing up for immiaccounts?

The candidates eligible for signing up for immiaccounts are-

  • Both Australian resident and non-resident individuals can sign up immiaccount.
  • Applicant represented by a family member can sign up immiaccount.
  • Associate of the applicant can sign up immiaccount.
  • Someone appointed by the applicant to help with the processes can sign up immiaccount.
  • Employer representative, or the applicant’s probable employer prospect, and a nominating or sponsoring employer can sign up immiaccounts.
  • Organization representative undertaking an activity involving the applicant during the visit can sign up immiaccount.
  • Authorized recipient can sign up immiaccounts.
  • Someone seeking access to LEGENDcom can sign up immiaccounts.

What are the processes for revising my details?

It is vital that you report the changes in the immiaccounts as soon as you can.

  • Inform for address location change for uncertain application
  • Notify in case of changes in contact information so that the authorities can quickly get a hold of you
  • Communicate in case of any updates in passport information
  • Provide evidence in case of change of name in passport, so that the processing will not be dragged.

You can either do the changes through immiaccounts, or by completing an online form. Also the completed form can be a scanned copy, electronically signed or even a picture.

How do I check the provided visa evidence number and the visa grant number?

The visa grant number will be provided in the post or email regarding the visa grant notification. In cases where you use immiaccounts for visa application, in messages, you will find the visa grant number provided in your grant letter. For visa evidence number, check the visa label (if issued) attached to your passport. You will find it there.

There can be situations where you cannot access either your visa evidence number or your visa grant number. Do not falter; you can refer to the reference number provided in the email. Through that, you will have to fill out an online form and request the required amounts.

What can I do to change my information online?

The immiaccounts provide you access to multiple forms which you can fill in order to change information. They are as follows-

  • Email address information change
  • Incorrect answer notification
  • Withdrawal of unauthorized recipient
  • Appointment of the authorized recipient
  • Circumstance change notification
  • Address information change
  • Passport information change

By filling these forms, you can revise the information in your provided application. Also keep in mind that you can only change information through the immiaccounts if you haven’t already made variations in your name, date of birth and the country of passport. In a case where you have already made the updates, you will have to fill out another form- Form 929: Change of address and passport details and submit it.