7 Habits of Highly Effective Best Study Abroad Companies

Feb 26, 2018
best study abroad companies

Hey education agents! Do you often ask yourself why success seems so elusive to you? No matter how hard you work, it appears to slip right away from your hands? How can you be the best in your field? Have you been searching for answers?
Well, look no further! We have analyzed, compared and selected the habits of highly effective Best Study Abroad Companies just for you. These 7 habits will ensure that you become successful and remain on top of your study abroad consultancy.

1. Set goals and smash them

Before agents go to sleep, set goals for the next day. Set measurable goals. List them down on a piece of paper. Then arrange them according to your priority. Envision completing these goals. Let’s say, Best Study Abroad Companies goals are; to call your partner university, set up counseling sessions, follow back on prospective leads and to meet up with your sub-agents. Now arrange and list them out according to the urgency and the importance of the task.
Brian Tracy in his book ‘Eat that frog!’ calls the biggest, most important and daunting task your ‘Frog.’ Eat this frog first. Get it out of the way. Moreover, agents will be motivated throughout the day, and it will become easier to smash your other goals.

2. Track your performance

Keep track of Best Study Abroad Companies accomplishments, wins, setbacks, and failures. Analyse them. See what agents did right and where they can improve. Athletes at the top of their game track their performance to improve themselves continuously. Being Best Study Abroad Companies is not easy. You win some; you lose some. Sometimes, when agents lose clients, it might be downright depressing and demotivating. But instead of feeling sad for yourself, see where you could do better. Therefore, analyze where you can tweak your technique and find the way to win.

3. Know your stuff

Prepare your material. As Best Study Abroad Companies, it would be embarrassing if you cannot answer your client’s questions related to abroad studies. Build your research, keep tabs on the existing trends, be updated with the news and policies. Olympic athletes know their game inside out. They study the rules, their competitors, the history of the game and can answer anything related to their sport. That’s why they are where they are.
Be Proactive! Anticipate clients’ questions. Give them as much information as possible so that they won’t have to ask questions. Invest in a good education agent Management Platform which allows you to create and promote your campaign.

4. Be a strong communicator

An education agent should have excellent communication skills. You should be able to express your intentions clearly both verbally and in writing. During the counseling session, Best Study Abroad Companies should be able to give good career advice to the students. These leads are your prospective clients. Your excellent communication skills come to play here. The students should be able to understand you. You can instill trust in your client with how well and tactfully you communicate with them. This is how education agents can convert them into loyal clients with the help of education and immigration agents CRM Tool.
As Best Study Abroad Companies, the most strategic move in becoming the best is to be available. Answer phone calls and emails. Listen to your clients intently. Reply to your Partner Universities promptly.

5. Master time management

To be effective, agents need to manage time constructively. For most, work begins at 10 am and ends at around 7 pm. Setting goals and prioritizing them is the first step to efficient management of time. This way Best Study Abroad Companies have their day mapped out. Removing distractions and de-cluttering your schedule will ensure you invest only in important stuff. The busiest time for education consultants starts after 12 pm when students come after finishing their classes. Make sure you complete all your other task beforehand.
On a busy day, you spend around 9-10 hours doing your work. Education agents have limited time and resources. Learn to say no. You cannot agree to every request as a consultant. Instead, delegate.

6. Be patient

Best Study Abroad Companies need patience, heaps and heaps of it. They need it when dealing with fellow agents, with your boss, with visa processing people and even with your clients. Let’s be real; it is not easy dealing with clients. But maintaining a cool head and working with the client, not against them will help you meet your goals. Some agents do not listen to what the clients have to say. Instead, they try and sell those programs and services that ensure they get a high commission. Do not be that guy.
Rome was not built in a day. It takes hard work, frustrated sighs, headache and even tears. It becomes even more difficult for new agents as they might not get clients during the off-season after the intake months are over. But as Yoda would say “ Patience you must have, my young Padawan.”

7. Network like a champ

The education agency industry is swamped with competition. A good education agent sees competitors. A highly effective education agent sees opportunity. Befriend the competition. You ask why? It is because your competition can be your ally, your sub-agent. Proactively reach out to your clients and your competitors. Build your Best Study Abroad Companies network. Nurture it with impeccable communication skills.

Therefore set your goals, prioritize, have a foolproof plan, go above and beyond, connect, grow, listen and learn. This is how you can rise above the competition.

What are the habits that make you effective? Let us know in the comments below.