Can Education Seminars Help Agencies Generate Promising Leads?

Education Seminars Generates Promising Leads

Education seminars are considered a tried and trusted method of Student Recruitment Process by education agencies and universities across the world. Well, it does sound like too much cost and hassles in the beginning. But if you do it right, conducting education seminars can prove highly productive and effective in attracting the attention of prospective international students.

Effective For Leads Documentation

Most of the people who make it to the venue of the seminar have a genuine interest in going abroad for studies. Which means, later on, you are less likely to spend time filtering leads or calling people who aren’t serious candidates. While you can shoot hundreds of emails or advertise through various channels, these methods do not provide you the opportunity to interact with students and get all the relevant information personally. You can simply ask them to fill out forms or ask relevant questions and decide whether the prospect is serious about studying abroad. You can also ask them to provide referrals who might be interested in getting international degrees.

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More Than Just Information Dissemination

Since only the most promising candidates normally make it to the venue, your interactions tend to be more fruitful. Education seminars are no longer seen just as a venue for handing out information about colleges and programs. Partner Institutions have found education seminars so useful that they have been asking students to bring relevant documents to seminar venues for on the spot assessment and admission. Education seminars are also a great way to spread awareness about your and your partner institution’s brand. Here’s one place where people themselves try to seek you out rather than you trying hard just to get their eyeballs through advertising.

Benefits Of Face-to-face Interaction

Face-to-face meetings are way more effective in establishing a personal connection than emails and telephone conversations. A few minutes of in-person interaction can eliminate the need for sending several back-and-forth emails. When emails are confusing, it could take days for all sides to fully understand the matter. Many prospective students aren’t very good at stating their position in writing. So there is always a high chance of your message getting misinterpreted. In addition, face-to-face interaction allows you to observe the non-verbal cues that let you know which student is serious and which one is there just out of curiosity. Education seminars also provide students an opportunity to ask as many questions as they want, which helps to clear their confusions. It can make them more willing to go ahead with the admission process.

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