4 Ways International Student Recruitment can be Personalized

Personalize International Student Recruitment

International student recruitment process should be personalized by every education agency. We have seen an explosion of communication channels in recent times. Ideally, this should have made getting the attention of your prospects a lot easier.

But you’ll agree that even today making yourself heard and seen by your target audience is quite challenging. That’s because people hardly have any time to follow the vast amount of media messages floating around.

Print media is usually flooded with advertisements targeted at international student recruitment during admission seasons. And every now and then students planning to go abroad get requests to like certain Facebook page or receive invitations through social media or email to attend a study abroad seminars.

But if you and all your competitors do the same thing to grab your prospects’ attention, it creates a situation where everyone gets ignored. When your prospects come across similar-looking messages, they will simply skip the content by scrolling down or flipping the page.

Unless your message contains something that is appealing for international student recruitment, it will simply get swept away along with other similar contents that no one ever bothers to look at.

So you need to focus on personalization to create publicity messages that stand out, attract attention as well as help turn most of your prospects into clients.

And the personalization has to be ensured at every stage of your interaction with prospects for successful counseling.

Gather Data To Get Insights Into Prospects

Keeping track of so many things happening in the growing number of social media channels may seem a bit difficult. But turning your back on social media that are undeniably excellent sources of information on your prospects is not an option. Your first step in personalizing messages should start with gaining some insights into your clients’ activities and attitudes.

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What interests them? What is their goal in life? What are the places they want to visit or have visited? It is quite common among young people to share such things in social media. You can tap this information to reach out to them with just the kind of messages they will be able to relate the moment they see it. You can also use educational agency management system to keep track of your client’s information.

Craft Messages For Individual Prospects

Would you like to give your prospects the respect they deserve or just treat them as sales target? Mass messaging is no longer effective. Generic messages are impersonal and viewed as disturbance, distraction and an intrusion of privacy.

But if you try to reach out to your prospects even with the smallest of details they relate to, you are sure to make them feel important. And crafting such messages shouldn’t be that difficult once you have gathered enough information on your prospects’ interests and likes.

Whether sending emails, creating Facebook posts or designing campaigns for other social media, tailoring messages that appeal to individuals is essential.

Focus On One-to-one Interaction

Face-to-face interaction should be the ultimate goal of your personalization efforts.

Your messages should be appealing enough to get your prospects to visit your office, attend a study abroad seminar you organize, or to speak to representatives from partner institutions whenever you can make them available.

All the prior knowledge you have gathered on prospects would help you make interactions with them fruitful. Make sure that all the issues they care about are covered during such meetings.

You can get Alumni to throw in good words about faculty and academic environment. Also, international student recruitment is more credible if you let admissions office representatives explain the availability of scholarships, cost of living and work opportunities in the destination country.

Personalizing Follow-ups is Equally Important

Don’t wait until the next day to write a follow-up email to your prospects after your first face-to-face interaction with them. Strike when the iron is hot.

Here again, writing a generalized thank you email may prompt your prospects to ignore the message altogether.

Your email’s subject line and the content inside should make it easier for your clients to recall the subject matter and the points that were discussed during your meeting.

You may not have immediate answers to some queries and some prospects may have doubts that could be cleared only by the partner institutions. So in your follow up email, tell them what action you have taken and how soon you can find answers to their questions.

Clients are bound to view your speed and sincerity as your professionalism.

Prospects rarely make the decision to choose an agency at the very first meeting. It may take several rounds of back and forth phone and email communications before prospects decide to sign up for your service.

So it is important to develop a personalized follow-up strategy and to review your international student recruitment methods to determine their effectiveness.