How to Conduct Result Oriented Education Seminar For Education Advisor

Aug 12, 2016
Education advisor

In our previous blog, we discussed whether Education Seminars Can Help Education Advisor generate promising leads? We hope we did manage to convince you that education seminar is effective in leads generation.

If you found that article useful, you would now be interested in knowing how to conduct a result oriented education seminar for education advisor.

Education seminars are the best way to draw the attention of prospective international students. Chances of getting genuine prospects through such Abroad Study seminars are  really high for education advisor.

As many interested students come to the education seminar carrying their documents, agencies and partner institutions can assess their eligibility  on the spot

A well-organized education seminar can generate more promising leads than hundreds of emails sent randomly to prospective clients. But such an outcome is possible only if Education advisor considers some important aspects that contribute to making education seminar effective and result-oriented.


Education seminar should be one component of your marketing strategy because there are several other marketing methods you simply can’t ignore. So before you set aside a budget for the seminar, you need to have a right estimation of the possible outcome. You won’t get results merely by investing lavishly in seminars.

Based on the number of visitors you expect and the custom, culture, and practice in your area, you need to decide whether to:

1) conduct education seminars at a high-end hotel or moderately-priced  meeting facility;
2) provide snacks or lunch;
3) keep it for few hours or half-day


Schedule your seminar on a wrong date and you’ll end up with a far fewer audience than you had hoped for. So if you don’t want your seminar halls to be empty, you need to consider few things.

Try to avoid scheduling your seminar on the same day and time as your competitor’s. That will leave your prospects confused about which seminar to attend. Also, make sure that the date of your seminar doesn’t clash with cultural events and festivities during which your prospects are more likely to spend time with their family members and friends than attend seminars.


Finding an appropriate venue is just as important. The venue should be easily accessible and located in a place that even the first-time visitors can easily find. City centers, college zones, and other areas students love to visit are ideal for organizing education seminars. If city center is expensive for you at least find a place where people can easily find taxis, public buses or passenger commute vehicles.

Advertise Wisely

You need to start your advertising plan by identifying your targets. That will help you decide what kind of publicity materials and media ads would be effective in drawing their attention.

Make sure that your print and TV ads, fliers, brochures, and banners appeal to your target groups’ ambition, hopes, and their dream of a bright future.

Your advertisements will be effective only when you choose appropriate medium. Equally important are the time slot (in the case of TV) and appropriate format (newspapers, magazines, tabloids) in the case of publications. Although daily newspapers have higher circulation, youth and entertainment magazines are more popular with the target group, agencies hope to reach out to.

Social media is another publicity medium, you simply can’t ignore when organizing a seminar as an education advisor. Although it is hard to tell how effective social media campaigns are in meeting advertising goals, no one can deny the fact that they are an ideal way to spread the word.

It is so much easier to identify your target groups through social media since people love to post information about their education, career and even their dreams and aspirations.

It has been proven beyond doubt that youths are spending more and more of their time on social media. So it makes all the more sense to use this low-cost channel to reach out to them with your message and remind them about the date of your seminars. Also, request your existing clients and well-wishers and staff to like and promote your social media posts.

Find A Way To Organize Data Systematically

Information gathered on your prospects during the seminar is a data goldmine for you. Use the data to categorize your prospects based on their interest, academic performance, ability to pay fees and the overall likelihood of their chance to qualify.

You should make it a point to document and record them in a systematic and organized manner. Make sure that the information is stored in such a way that it can be easily retrieved when required. Also, it is important to ensure that all the data are safely stored and there is no chance of losing them. Cloud-Based Agency Management Software like Agentcis can be really helpful for efficiently storing and organizing data. Migration agent management systems help you organize your data with higher efficiency and safety.

Follow Up To Make the Most Of Available Data

You should use the data to follow up with the prospects. The most promising prospects are the ones who had shown genuine interest and whom you have identified as having a real chance to succeed.

Once you have identified the promising prospects the next thing to do is call them.

Steps to making a follow-up call

  • Be courteous.
  • Tell the prospects what the phone call is about and request for a few minutes of their time.
  • If they are busy, ask them if you can call them some other time.
  • Remind them that they have a strong chance to succeed.
  • Tell them about how your Agency can help them in the process.
  • Request them to provide references who could be interested in studying abroad.
  • End the call thanking them for their time.