CRICOS Code: Every Information You Need In The Nutshell

cricos code

You will hear CRICOS code more often if you are in the education agency business. If you’re planning to become an education agent, this term might be new to you. Even though it sounds complex, you can easily understand it.

It is essential for an education agent as CRICOS code determines how genuine and experienced you are. You cannot run your consultancy without getting familiar with it.

Probably, you researched it yet you have hundreds of unanswered questions. Questions like what, why and how? We do have the answers to your queries.

Starting with your what and how first!

CRICOS stands for the Commonwealth Register Of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students and is the register of Australian education institutes. Yes, it is applicable only in Australia and New Zealand, if you are wondering. Australian government department of education handles it and is publicly available.

It lets the institutes enroll and teach the international students in Australia.

Education agents must carefully select the universities that have CRICOS code to partner with because CRICOS registered institutes are the only approved institute to offer courses to an international student. You must have figured out by now, you can handpick the universities in Australia through their background. Undoubtedly, it affects the quality and image of your education agency.

On the other hand, CRICOS code shows a registered course in Australian university offered to international students. Every course available to international students in Australia must have CRICOS code. It gives you a clear, systematic way to search the right course for your client.

The Australian universities do not list in CRICOS with just an application. The courses register and get CRICOS code only if the criteria are met. The requirements are to have an RTO registered certificate and to have the ELICOS national standards(for ELICOS COURSES). The provider must also make sure they have maintained the requirements of the ESOS Act and the National code. The courses delivered fully online cannot get the code or CRICOS registered. Therefore, the international students must attend at least one on-campus unit a semester. The students can take more than 25% of their total course online. Consequently, the universities registered with CRICOS code are of the top-notch level and are more advanced. They are comfortable collaborating with your features and education agency CRM tool.

The purpose behind CRICOS code

The reason for CRICOS registration and code is the quality reassurance. The motive is to secure the interests and well being of international students. Moreover, this lets you search the courses with the registered institution or CRICOS codes effortlessly. Education agent partnered with CRICOS registered universities is secured, recognized and trustworthy.

In many cases, education agents have sent students to unregistered universities. The students lost their money as well as never received the degree. Similar negligence of education agent degrades the value of the consultancy and destroys the reputation. It is a general fact that associating with the best makes you the best. Education agent associating with unauthorized institutes is illegal that leaves a question mark on you.

Besides, CRICOS  lets you assist in guiding the students to the best universities. There are many criteria that you as an education agent must meet and CRICOS is one of them. It is your responsibility to ensure the institutes are CRICOS listed and have it before counseling the students.

There are many reasons for an education agent to know about CRICOS. This is not just about your reputation but also about the quality and the security you are giving. You must understand that your priority must align with the standard created in the market.