Is Cricos course search the best tool for Australia Based Education Agency?

Aug 25, 2016
Cricos course

The education agency can make or break a student’s career! That is how crucial their role is – from counseling and finding courses to processing admission and visa applications. They can help students find options, which they may have overlooked or did not think possible. Cricos course search can help your agency.

Studying in a country like Australia does require extensive research as there are thousands of courses to offer. In fact, the country has over 22,000 courses spread across 1100 institutions in every state.

While searching for courses and institutions, the location is also equally important. Apart from these, students and their parents are usually most concerned about the type of locality and accommodation. For most students, this will be their new home for the duration of the course. Therefore, it should be safe, convenient and as close to the campus as possible.

Another important aspect in counseling is the city or state of recommendation. Giving students options regarding the location is a way of saying that you are serious about the entire approach to education counseling. The choices are aplenty. Australia has the best cities in the world for international students based on affordability, employment and quality of life.

To keep track of most of these features, every education agency needs access to a centralized information platform. The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is a database of education institutions that recruit, enroll and teach international students. Cricos course search Australia lists all education providers that offer the course to these students, and details the courses.

To be acquainted with the way Cricos course and other resources in the education network function, Australia offers courses like the Education Agent Training Course (EATC). It is a free online and self-paced course recommended by the industry. It provides education agents with information about the education system in the country too. The Cricos receives technical and other support from organizations like the Australian Education International and Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Cricos Australia is managed and publicly available online by the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training. Education counselors and prospective international students can search the register by Cricos code, provider name or the Cricos code. It contains specific information about the institution, course offered, and contact details. In addition, each course and subject is segmented by field of education, broad and narrow fields, course levels, whether foundation studies are required or not, duration of the course, and total fee.

The information contained in this registry is sufficient to know about the respective Cricos registered institutions and their Cricos course, given that the education agency understands the finer details of the Cricos course offered. With a database like Cricos, it becomes essential for education counselors to do their homework on the parameters of each course and its prospects.

However, Cricos course lacks brief outlines about the courses from the perspective of the education provider. Getting the provider to do so will add value to the registry and reassure students and counselors that their institutional partners understand the realistic implications of the subjects and degrees they are offering. Some contact details of the education providers are also incomplete or missing. In many ways, Cricos registry can play a much greater role than merely being a database. It can even be a networking platform for students, education agents and education providers.

Australian education agencies looking to collaborate with providers have a ready-made platform they can explore and grow their business. Moreover, registration with Cricos is proof that the education provider is qualified to offer the course to international students. If you can combine it with your educational consultant management platform, your agency management becomes much easier.

Cricos registered course has an important role to play, especially in line with Australia’s recent immigration policy. It helps to decrease visa sub-categories and make the entire process more streamlined. At the same time, it is also an alternative resource for students who wish to do their own research.

So is Cricos course search the best tool for Australia’s education agencies? Most likely, the answer is ‘yes’. Thus far, Cricos course has been very helpful for the education agency and helps in further improvement.