Certified Immigration Consultant: Build Your Brand Through Digital Marketing

Nov 22, 2016
Certified Immigration Consultant

Branding is about giving customers a total experience of your services, tangible as well as intangible. The way you choose to go about doing this will form your branding strategy and digital marketing is the perfect fit. Digital marketing includes all forms of electronic media, increases the way customers interact with your agency’s business, and builds brand awareness.

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Migration Professional: Problem Solving Techniques You Must Know

Oct 12, 2016
Migration professional

It may sound cynical but if “problems” did not exist, we would rarely have the desire to improve or learn in life. They generally persist as challenges that we need to overcome by understanding how, why and where they occur, and then find ways to resolve them with problem solving techniques . The same principles are applicable to the world of business, no different from everyday life.

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