Easily Manage Partners And Offerings For Education And Migration Consulting Firms

No business can sustain without partners. This is even more true for education and migration consulting firms as they help bridge the gap between their partners and clients. Furthermore, they ease the work that needs to be done between the two. But, how can these consulting firms manage their partners and  offerings effectively?

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Agentcis is the best business management platform for education and migration agencies. Its exceptional features help agents to manage their work and everything related to it effectively. Plus, it also offers a 14 Days Free Trial with support for you to test the system.

So, how does Agentcis actually help you manage partners and their offerings, or products? Here’s how.

1. Create reliable database by importing partner detail and product information

Add these information in the system either manually or by downloading a template importing it in the system with partner information. Once that’s done, all the information will be stored in the system and you and your team members can access it anytime. It’s  a one time work and after which there’s no need of turning pages or searching emails for information. Moreover, any time a new partner, product or branch offices comes along, you can add them easily.

2. Connect client application with partners

Agentcis’ client application is one of the features that stands out from the rest. It includes all the details about clients and the service they’re using. Similarly, these applications can be directly connected with partner and related products. With this, agents can connect with partners and get the client’s work done without any confusion.

3. Partner CRM System

Agentcis has been designed to fit the needs of migration and education consulting firms. It knows that partners are also an integral part of the business. As such, it helps users to connect with the partners without a hassle. It allows them to add tasks and notes, access contacts and partner profile, send and receive emails and attach documents. All of this can be done in one system. So, that’s a lot of time plus effort saved for busy agents.

4. Safe storage of data

Nothing in the world is as important as safekeeping of important data. Keeping this in mind, Agentcis stores all of its data in the most trusted server- Amazon Web Server. There’s no need to worry about your data being stolen, manipulated or lost.

5. Review partner performance

Education and Migration Consulting firms know that a partner has value as long as people are using their products. With traditional data keeping, it’s challenging to find out which partners your clients are most involved with. But, Agentcis gives you a real time snapshot of how your partners are performing. It gives you data about how many have used their service, are still using, discontinued using and in-progress. With this information, you can plan is you want to continue with a certain partner or not.

Agentcis does so much more than managing your partners and products. To find out, you can sign up for a Free Trial. The Agentcis team gives you full support for 14 Days to help you experience the best Agentcis experience.

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