Creating a Unique Selling Proposition for your education agency?

The international education market is growing every day and the competition for education and migration agents is cutthroat. Your clients have tons of options to choose from, while they want the service to be the best and trustworthy. So, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? That’s where your unique selling proposition (USP) comes to play. So we all must learn the art of creating a Unique Selling Proposition. 

The logic here is simple. When you are providing the same service, with the same value and quality as your competitors, there’s no way that your clients will be attracted to you. So, in order to stay ahead of the rest, you need to make sure that your business has something “unique” offering to the customers.

In this blog, let’s explore about unique selling proposition for your education agency and walk through how to create one.

Creating a Unique Selling Proposition

What are the differentiating qualities?

First of all, you need to understand, that a USP is something that we say to ourselves. That means, your business should first recognize your own values, the purpose of your existence, your brand vision, and your mission. Ask yourself, why your clients should choose you over your competitors. This should be authentic and this should be the core reason of inspiration for the existence of your brand. And this will help you find out your differentiating quality. Having said that, your USP can not be as simple as offering ‘free language courses”  or “direct consultation with university representatives”. They are not USPs because anyone can copy them pretty easily. Research and find out what you can serve that’s different and better than your competitors. So due for this reason, you must be good at creating a unique selling proposition.

What your competitors are doing?

If you want to stay in the market, you need to keep eye on your competitors. Do a competitors’ analysis. Learn what they are offering to the clients and how they are promoting themselves. Not just in terms of services but also in terms of value, find out what value are they providing to the clients. This detailed go-through will allow you to gain insights into what you should be doing if you want to beat your competition.

Do your customers value your USPs?

Your clients should always be the core of your business and understanding them should be your priority. Find out if the different qualities are relevant and valued by customers or not. Know what your customers value. This will make it easier to come up with a unique selling proposition. However, “unique” won’t count for much if it’s not something your target customers truly care about. That should be relatable to them because if your value proposition statement is not relatable, prospects will not be able to build trust in you. 

For example, clients looks for trust, a genuine source of information, and hassle-free visa processing from an education and migration agent. So, “genuineness” and “hassle-free service” is what you should focus on. Look for ways how you can solve those problems better than your competitors and create your USP.

Creating a Unique Selling Proposition

How are you marketing your USPs?

Now that you have identified your USPs, find out the ways to market the USP. That means, communicating them well to your prospects. Here, if your branding and marketing strategies don’t align with your USPs or the value your agency holds, your prospects won’t be able to connect with you. So, make sure in every communication that your market should be in compliance with your USP. Besides branding and marketing strategy, your values should also be reflected in your office setting, your employees’ behavior, tone of response, gestures, and everything you do.

If you are offering “genuine” and “hassle-free service” as your core values, every aspect of communicating with your audience should be in alignment with your values. Only if you can market your USPs well, your prospects can come to you. If you need some inspiration for your marketing campaign then you can browse through Pinterest.  It’s an easy way to create an Idea-board for your campaign. 

To conclude

Everyone does business but only a few can make it to the top. The differentiation here comes through a carefully curated unique selling proposition or USP and how well the business has executed its USP in its operation and marketing. So, if your education agency is just operating without any differentiating quality, you need to think again. Otherwise, it won’t take much time for someone to take over you.

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