Track Your Referrers And Sub-agents With The Best CRM-Software

Sub-Agents and Referrers are the biggest source of income for an education as well as a migration agency. They bring in clients who are interested in acquiring the service that an agency provides. So, that’s half of the marketing work done. But, you can’t keep track of all of them without some help. That brings in the best crm-software there is- Agentcis.

Its a well-developed system that understands the agency’s need to manage their referrers and sub-agents. Agentcis has created an entire section dedicated to managing Referrers and Sub-Agents. This section helps an agency in managing their income and sharing them in the simplest and easiest manner. Find out for yourself by signing up for Agentcis 14 Days Free Trial.

Similarly the agency will also have a clear picture of the source of application i.e. agency will know who referred the application. Sometimes a same client can have multiple referrals based on the type of application. For example, a student might be applying to a certain college via one of your referrers. Furthermore, the insurance application might be handled by another referrer. Agentcis assists in tracking these application based on the nature of the form. Thus, multiple requests for the same client can be simultaneously tracked.


Two significant benefits that agents can reap while tracking referrers and subagents using Agentcis are:

  • Share Income & Financial Details

With the help of Agentcis, an agency can also share their income and financial details with these outside agents. This can be done with just a click where your invoices will be premade by the system. Plus, you can send them directly from the system through the inbuilt e-mail system. However, agency has the authority to define the level of access agents can have on these information.

  • Increase the number of Clients

Agentcis gives an education and migration agency the power to increase their client acquisition by not restricting their client base to a particular location. They can collaborate with agents worldwide in the system itself to serve these clients. Moreover, they can also access the system with a user role as referrer and get work done. Also, they will be accounted for and given commission once the client’s processing has been completed.

For an agency to grow and survive, tracking the source of income is very important. So if you have an education or a migration agency and are facing the problem of keeping track of all your finances. Then, Agentcis crm-system is the right solution.

Sub-agents and Referrers are vital parts of an education and a migration agency. Understanding how crucial they are for an agency, Agentcis crm-software allows its users to keep track of them. It enables them to continuously track and monitor the entire process a referrer is performing during the application.

Find out by signing up for a Free 14 Days Trial where the Agentcis team will assist you whenever needed. It’s the best crm-software there is so hurry up!

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